Essential Mobile Apps Features to Boost eCommerce Revenue

In today’s scenario, mobile apps have become one of the most essential needs of commerce and retail landscape. As the popularity of mobile apps is increasing day by day, their usage is growing at a faster speed than the time utilized for calling or web browsing. Thus, if you own an eCommerce business and haven’t developed a mobile app yet, then you might be losing a chance to reach to your prospective customers.

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These days, many eCommerce businesses are aiming to improve the end-user experience on mobile devices by offering them a good technology infrastructure via outstanding mobile applications. As per the latest research, mobile apps comprise approx 34% of all eCommerce transactions all across the globe and this figure is expected to grow up to 50% in the coming year. Moreover, 85% of the consumers prefer to have a mobile application over a mobile website. As a result, these major changes in retail are pressurizing several brick-and-mortar companies to boost their online presence. But, the biggest challenge that any eCommerce company faces is to stand ahead in the competition with an outstanding and interactive app engrossing the customers at every level.

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Keeping this in mind, here we are discussing some of the crucial features that every eCommerce mobile app should have in order to have a competitive edge and deliver spellbound user experience.

Striking features that your eCommerce mobile app should have:

  • Boost Customization

The major challenge that any eCommerce business faces, is to provide an outstanding user experience within the mobile app. Any user who download your shopping app expect personalization, easy navigation and seamless experience. Thus, it becomes essential to make the user experience as interactive as possible. Your app should be packed with distinct features in order to meet the needs and requirements of the users.

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  • Easy Navigation

While developing an eCommerce mobile app, one of the crucial things that need to be taken into consideration is the screen size and content. As the display screens of mobile have limited space, it is of utmost importance to put extra attention that the app and its content do not get crammed up on the phone. So, it is essential to design an easy and uncluttered layout. Having responsive layout, the app should be able to deliver error-free navigation and showcase your brand in the most exciting manner.

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  • Make On-Boarding Easier

Getting maximum users on-board for any app in a simpler way is one of the most crucial components but this can be attained by unique designs and personalization. Your app should be designed in such a way that it showcases everything about your brand followed by some extraordinary features. Keep the designs simple so that the users do not find any difficulty in using it. From registering to signing up and from checkout to online payment, everything should be hassle-free.

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  • Easy Registration and Detailed Information

There are many customers who do not wish to fill out long registration forms or forced social log in. There are several apps in the market that ask a huge information for getting the customers registered. For instance, Amazon, a global eCommerce brand has kept everything very neat and simple. The app directly takes the users to the main page without registering until checkout. Moreover, they offer easy registration by just signing up through email id or mobile number.

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  • Push Notifications

Some of the most popular eCommerce mobile apps are those which have incorporated push notifications in their features. Push notification is sure to grab the eyeball of your prospective customers as they get to know about the latest offers, exclusive promotions and any new product launch. Pairing up this feature with analytics will sure boost your sales in no time.

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  • Analytics

The main motive of any eCommerce mobile app is basically not only to earn revenues but also to offer top quality user experience. Thus, analytics is an essential feature of any app. It is vital to understand the user behavior and their purchasing pattern. If you wish to get the information related to the consumer behavior, you can easily get through cost of conversion, accessing custom field, session time and many more related factors.

  • Relevant App Content

It is very tough for a seller to win consumers with pushy marketing content. Thus, it is vital to show to your customers that they can trust on you without having enough information on an app. In simple words, customers prefer information that are crisp, short and relevant. Offer them with the appropriate content and keep the USP maintained.

Wrapping Up

Keeping in mind the need of the customers, the app should be developed in such a way that it is able to provide an unique experience and make online shopping much easier and hassle-free process. Moreover, it should be packed with such features that helps in increasing sales and boost revenue for the business. Hope this blog turn out to be helpful for you and helps in developing a good shopping app. If you feel I have missed out some points, then feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

Ashni Sharma is an app developer who is currently working with AppsChopper, a well-known app development company. Having immense knowledge about the apps and a flair of writing, she has shared her view by penning down such explanatory article.