4 Benefits of Having Mobile Friendly WordPress Websites

Mobile friendly WordPress website refers to responsive WordPress sites that can automatically adjust itself to the size of the mobile screen size regardless of the device. Most webmasters only check if their WordPress sites appear right on a PC screen and then they get a lot of emails from their visitors that they can’t access their sites. If you have this problem, it is probably that your site does not appear right on a mobile screen.   The following are four benefits of making your WordPress site mobile friendly.

Increase User Experience

According to Google, almost 85% of Americans are always nearby to their phone. The Search Engine Watch blog conducted a research and found out that 80% of the searches are carried out on a mobile device. Making your site mobile friendly allows you to reach out to more customers. Visitors don’t have to pinch their mobile screen to zoom in/out in order to view the content of the entire page on the screen. Your visitors will be able to access all navigation menus and links without any problem. A mobile friendly site is user friendly and gives customers a positive impression that you are a professional company.

Higher Conversion Rate

A research conducted by Google shows that about 61% of mobile users that arrive on a site that is not accessible will no longer return to the same site. The rest of the 39% will go back to the search result and visit a competitor’s site. So, if you want your users to return to your site, you must make it mobile friendly. In this way, your customer is likely to stay longer on your site and this will help to reduce your bounce rate. When your bounce rate is reduced, your conversion rate is likely to increase and you will make more sales. Many webmasters reported that their site traffic increase by two times after updating their sites to become mobile friendly.

Rank Higher in Google Search Result

Another advantage is that it can help your WordPress site to rank higher in Google search result. This is a rule that Google set in the latest algorithm update to encourage webmasters to make their sites mobile friendly. It is best to make your site mobile friendly on a single URL than using a separate domain to display the page to mobile users. Doing so will make it easier for Google to index your site. It will also make your WordPress site more SEO friendly because all your backlinks just need to point to the same URL.

Google only choose mobile friendly sites to display on the top search result so you should make it a priority to use mobile first design on your WordPress site. Sites that did not update themselves to become mobile friendly may get penalized and rank lower and lower in search result.

Competitive Advantage

When your site ranks higher on the search result, you will be able to compete with other businesses in the same field better. Statistics shows that there are less than 10% of businesses that optimize their sites to be mobile friendly. Despite that, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of making their sites mobile friendly. This is why you should take action to optimize your WordPress site to become mobile friendly as soon as possible so that you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you should go ahead and make your site mobile friendly if you haven’t yet done so. This will benefit your business in terms of higher search engine ranking and better customer experience.