Mobile Workforce Management Check Sheet – Infographic

The days of physical check-ins—of having to be in the office in order to check phone messages, respond to email, or participate in meetings—has long passed. Now, employees and managers can stay plugged in, connected, and responsive no matter where they are (or, unfortunately, no matter what time of day it is).

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But all that mobility means that you can offer more ways to your employees to be able to work without being physically present. If you’ve got an employee that needs to relocate, for example, you can keep them on. That’s the new century of mobile workforce. And businesses have taken note: In the U.S. alone the mobile workforce is expected to reach well over 100 million in just a few years.

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But mobile workforce means that you need to manage those people, that tech, and those tasks. Luckily, tech has kept pace with both the needs of that mobile workforce and the demands of the company—say for data management.

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That software can help you track, help you manage communications, help you with logging and dispatch. But you need to figure out what needs that software can fill—it’s not just one size fits all.

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You might focus on giving out information, or you might let employees use software to manage productivity. This graphic walks through the outlines of mobile workforce management software.

Your Sure-Fire Mobile Workforce Management Cheat Sheet Infographic