The Principles of Flat Design in Modern Design World

Website design is undergoing a great transformation with all the small, medium and large digital devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets picking up the internet. The buzzwords we normally hear of late are ‘reducing thing’ ‘responsive’ as well as ‘flat design’. Many large organizations like Microsoft, Infosys etc. have begun embracing the concepts of flat web design that naturally most of the people these days are going to witness following the same.

Albeit, the flat design has been around for couple of years, since 2013 and considered a great of flat website design in the digital front. This concept is although not a new one and the trend is slowing moving on the top to stay there for many, many years. Now, let us see what flat web design is.

What is this Flat web Design?

Previously, the best website designing means attracting the users with a stunning user interface, that packed with animations as well as flashy elements. After this, the website designers tried to bring now real life into the computer screen with drop shadows, good fonts, faux-realistic textures etc. After that, bit by bit it comes to flat web design sometimes known as flat design to rule the scene.

The Features of Flat Design

  • The flat design is as clean as new coding and one without any complexity.
  • It has no ornamental elements to distract the users or readers.
  • The key to this facet is eliminating the unnecessary components and features.
  • The choice of colors not only plays a significant role in Flat web Design but also lively, and bright colors widely utilized to make the appearance better and smarter.
  • The basic structure of flat design is particularly based on the grid without any block elements.
  • They focus on 2D objects and images giving out a complete 3 D effect that is underlying the concept.
  • Font faces generally used for clean, neat as well as legible with large adequate size. All types of typography of the flat design website present the effortless reading to the readers.

The Best Guiding Principles of Flat Web Design

The main idea to bear in mind while designing flat website or to do flat web design is ‘simplicity’.  Yes, every web design project should meet the point of simplicity that gives great user experience. Web designers must not overlook from this main concept. They must adhere to this rule to whatsoever features they are applying. As a website designer, you can use very vivid as well as vibrant colors to the website design; sometimes some colors are used for the purpose of flat web design and called for “Flat UI colors”.

The Benefits or Advantages of Flat Website Design

Flat design has many advantages. Let us see the benefits or advantages of flat design. Some of them are:

  • Flat design website can load faster in the time it search with a browser. It is better in comparing with other responsive design.
  • Like responsive design, a flat design website can easily adjust or fit to the screen sizes in which the website is loading, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet.
  • As far as the mobile usage is concern, flat web design is great and has multiple features to add on to give your website a perfect user experience.
  • The flat design is no doubt user-friendly one and that can be easily and smoothly designed.

How to make your flat design useful for creating web pages – The Principles of Flat Design

Using a flat web design in your websites page can make your visitors or readers fell very, very comfortable. They will feel more comfortable while browsing by way of your web page. The following things must do while creating a flat design website.

  • Choose only a simple background
  • Say not to the effects, flash or videos
  • Take out from the icons
  • Try to play with the shapes
  • Go for the bright colors only
  • Create only the basic methods of navigation
  • The main principles of flat design is minimalism.

Flat designs are especially based on the principals of minimalism of design and coding as said. Though, you can use the features you like, but the ornamental illustrations that you do should not be much there for sure to provide the best user experience.

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs, web outsourcing company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts on webdesign & development, content Marketing,social media marketing etc.