Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Moving to a new home means a lot of change for most people, wishing they could redesign unpleasant rooms, change things around until they fit their own preferences. In many cases kitchens in new homes are not quite up to our expectations, therefore we choose to change what we own. They are more or less one of the most important spots around our homes.

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Contemporary kitchen designs are growing in popularity these days, creating interesting combinations and experiences when it comes to this part of a home. This article will cover some of these modern kitchen design ideas, so you can adapt them into your surroundings, should you desire to do so.

Contemporary kitchens differ from other styles because of their minimalist, clean design and their modernized, updated look. Although some materials, such as steel and glass are used in these designs, they don’t have to be viewed as cold, depending on the way they were implemented in the whole design. The major elements used in these kitchens are:

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


Glass is one of the most common features of the minimalist design. It is possible to incorporate it in many objects, such as lighting, shelving, windows, cabinets and more. Glass accessories have been around for centuries, but only if the kitchen has predominant glass fixtures, will it actually have the effect you might look for in using it.

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Another popular choice among designers, the types of metal used in kitchens may vary, but the most common one is stainless steel. It is obvious why, since kitchens usually have much moisture in them during cooking unless you have a perfect ventilation system. Other metals used in a kitchen might include copper and brass for a more warm, cozy environment.

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Something traditional, something warm and definitely useful in every kitchen. Dark wood, such as maple or cherry can create an unforgettable design, giving the kitchen an aged and classic look like no other. It can be used for countertops, floors, cabinets and even the walls, depending on its location.

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Lighting is a very important aspect of a contemporary kitchen. Many of the modern designs have recessed lights into the ceilings and underneath the cabinets to create an interesting atmosphere. Other, more traditional ways of doing things are also available, so your choices may vary.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas2

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Granite and Marble

These work very well with countertops, but they can also fit in with contemporary design. They are nice and cool, creating a classy and bright or dark look, depending on your preferences. If sealed correctly when installed, they are also highly resilient to staining as well.

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Part of the design of a minimalist, contemporary kitchen is the presence of so-called cool colors. These are the ones typical for an urban environment such as the big city, becoming an amalgam of metal, stone and glass which emulates what you see in those environments. The colors may vary though, but the model followed by design is close to these regardless.

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