Our Favourite Surface Pattern Designs for Christmas 2012

Snowmen, Father Christmas, angels, snowflakes, holly, Rudolph and robins – traditional Christmas imagery is part of what makes the festive season so special. But how do designers come up with brand new card designs, packaging designs, surface pattern designs & other graphic fare every single Noel, without creating the ‘same old same old’?

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This is a very interesting question and it is part of what makes designing graphics for the festive season such an enjoyable challenge. All of the basic ingredients area already there, and there are certain themes you must incorporate in order to keep a Christmassy feel – but still designers are faced with the problem of turning something old into something newwhilst maintaining a traditional vibe.

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So how graphic designers continually update Christmas classics with the trends which reflect contemporary trends? And what are the top surface pattern designs for Christmas 2012? Rose-Innes Designs shares a few of their favourites…


From owl cushions and leopard print skirts, to the bird designs which have been splashed all over the high street and the retro animal print sweaters favoured by the hipsters amongst us, wildlife has been a huge design trend in 2012. We love all things animal and there are a huge number of festive friends for us to appropriate to create a contemporary Christmassy. From Rudolph and his friends, to pretty robin prints that channel this season’s flightier fashions.

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best surface pattern designs for Christmas

Christmas Jumper Inspiration

Sarah Lund’s iconic jumper from The Killing has been big fashion news for a long time now and the catwalk is only set to get woollier this Winter. With ironic festive jumpers now becoming a staple of the trendier Winter wardrobe, a little woollen inspiration goes a long way. We’re thinking about taking our cues from cable knits and geometric patterns this year to create Christmas surface pattern design with a cosy twist. Think wrapping paper featuring a cuddly retro knitted snowflake design so you can wrap your gifts up extra snugly!

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Photographic Prints

Christopher Kane’s galaxy-scapes, Prada’s photographic florals – photographic prints are still seriously in mode. We love the idea of updating traditional Christmas motifs by turning them into eye-catching photographic prints. From atmospheric twinkling Christmas lights and sparkling baubles to up-close festive foliage – holly, ivy and mistletoe. Pretty as you like, festive and definitely on trend for 2012.

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It’s so important for surface pattern designers to keep up-to-date and to continually innovate. Every season has its big events with their stereotypical imagery. Whether it’s Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, producing fresh designs every year ensures products stand out amongst the competition on the shelves – bringing a little extra creativity to the vast quantity of ‘standard fare’ out there!

Rose-Innes Designs are an innovative graphic design team in South Wales. With a strong portfolio of gorgeous surface pattern designs and the creativity to bring fresh ideas to the table, whatever the project, Rose-Innes are passionate about smart design. Follow Rose-Innes Designs on Twitter to learn more.