Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas to Create Spooky Environment

Halloween is one of the most favourite and long-expected holidays in the end of the autumn by both children and adults. It gives us all the opportunity to distract ourselves from the tiring chores at home and our everyday work at the office. Not to mention the fact that there is hardly anyone who would not gladly take the idea of a party with friends, family and colleagues.

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However, the preparations for the party do not only include making an appropriate and unique costume for you or the children, but also making a beautiful home decoration. After all, our home should also share the festive atmosphere of the season, right? That is exactly why we offer you a few great outdoor halloween decoration ideas that will create a unique atmosphere right from the threshold of your home. All you need are some pumpkins, paper, pieces of fabric and most importantly, fantasy and creativity.

Classical Halloween Style – Black and Orange

Stick to the rule – the more, the better and buy some pumpkins that come in different sizes in order to make your outdoor home decoration more versatile. Wash them from the outside and then cut the upper part of the pumpkins with a sharp knife. Carve the fleshy part with a spoon and wash the pumpkins from the inside, too. Do not forget to dry them before going to the next step.

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Then carefully cut different shapes in the front part of the pumpkin, forming a face. Try making the face of the lanterns look more scary – after all the whole idea of Halloween is to scare and chase away the evil, but of course, you have total freedom of let your imagination flow and do whatever you like.

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After cutting the faces of the pumpkins, do not forget to clean their surfaces and put a candle in. put the pumpkin lanterns in the garden and around the house. This may seem a bit trivial to you, but you will be amazed what cosiness and festive atmosphere these Jack-o’-lanterns will create.

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Soft Ghostly Style in White

White is not considered a traditional colour of Halloween decoration, but we must all confess that it looks very beautiful and sophisticated, and it can also be used in order to create a spooky effect around the house. Moreover, if you have decided to make a more elegant Halloween party or just decorate your home in a different way, here are some ideas you can use along with reading halloween costume ideas.

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White ghosts, white skulls, white ornaments, white candles, and of course – amazing white pumpkins! You can use some old bed sheets in order to make ghosts and hang them in the garden. Do not forget to draw faces to your ghosts and make them as scary as you can. A great idea is to use fluorescent markers in order to make the ghosts’ faces more interesting during the night. Add a couple of artificial spider-webs around the house and do not forget to put a large spider there.

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If you have decided to stick to the white colour for your outdoor Halloween decoration, you will need a couple of white pumpkins, too. Of course, there is a great variety of such pieces of decorations sold on the market, but you can also do them yourself, using plain white paint. A great idea is also to paint the pumpkins white and glue pieces of black lace in their lower part.

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Mysterious and Dramatic Effect in Crimson and Purple

Crimson and purple are undoubtedly very beautiful and dramatic colours, which make them just perfect for your Halloween decoration not only for your interior, but also for the garden. These colours will make the exterior of your home really fascinating.

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All you have to do is make some purple and crimson garlands which you can hang around the houses. An amazing idea is to make yourself several purple pumpkins, which will add a charming rustic atmosphere in your garden. The purple pumpkins are made the exact way the white pumpkins we already told you about are. You can also add some brocade on top of the purple paint in order to add more glitter on your decoration.



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