27 Popular jQuery Plugins to Improve Website Performance

jQuery offers really very creative features which can be easily integrated in your website with the help of jquery plugins. Almost all jQuery plugins are free to use. There are thousands of creative jquery programmers across the world and they create such an incredible jQuery plugins for adding new functions to your website and to make your website more creative and attractive. Here I am sharing my collection of best jquery plugins which will make your website more impressive and responsive. Here I am sharing with you some popular jQuery Plugins to improve website performance and functionality easily. These all are officially tested and best for integration on the web pages.

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Popular jQuery Plugins

jQuery Numerator

It is a simple yet unique plugin which shows nice animated numbers on your website. In other words, you can animate the existing numeric typed text of your website!

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jQuery Pageleave

This function is also called close window function because the visitor would be able to leave the page with the button of this pugin. He would not need to close the window manually by the browser cut function!

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It is amazing jquery plugin which is used for integrating transitions in slide shows. It can add the horizontal and vertical transition effects on your existing slide show with simple integration!

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Transfer Numbers Plugin

It is really very enjoying plugin because it will make the effect of number transferring from one element to another on your web page.

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jQuery Maintain Scroll

This jQuery plugin helps you to maintain the scrolling of the page which means if the window refreshes suddenly then this plugin will open the page on specific position at your scroll level.

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LiveGraph for jQuery

This jQuery plugin is for dynamic graph creation which will show live updates and it offers the feature of automatic scaling.

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This is a simple dialogue jQuery plugin. It is useful if you want to give any information or if you want to notify your visitors.

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Bootstrap TouchSpin

It is really very useful plugin because it works with the mobile touch screen phones. It allows smooth touch spin for touch screen mobiles. The jQuery Plugins are considered best for creative additions. Here I am sharing with you some other creative jQuery Plugins which will add more functionality in your website. Although these all are not officially released by specific programming company but still these jQuery Plugins are very famous and reputed so do not hesitate while using them for your website.

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Dialogue boxes for notifying your visitors.

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jQuery Avgrund

Beautiful jQuery plugin for Dialogue boxes.

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It is very useful plugin that enhances the controls of website forms. It is really very customizable and works perfectly with mobile devices as well!

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Long Press

It is a unique jQuery plugin that allows you to insert rare characters in your text while writing.

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jQuery File Upload

It is a beautiful jQuery plugin which is used for file upload function.

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It is a unique jQuery plugin which allows you to see the password strength. You will get instant check of password strength and this is really very beautiful and impressive as well!


It is a date detection jQuery plugin which allows you to detect the exact date of the user from computer, mobile and other devices.

Fancy Input

It is really very creative jQuery plugin which allows you to give cool effects to the text typing and deletion.


This jQuery plugin is officially developed by twitter. This plugin suggests the related data according to the search query of visitor.


It is a form validation jQuery plugin. If any field of form (which is necessary) is empty then this plugin will mark that filed with red color and visitor would not be able to fill the form until all fields are filled.


It is an amazing plugin. You can make any element of the page sticky which means your element would be stable even on the page scrolling!


This jQuery plugin allows you to create arc effect on your text.


It is really very creative plugin which allows you to add designs in the middle of the page!


It is a text animation jQuery plugin which allows you to animate your text.


Allows you to add elements dragging functionality to your website. Your website elements would be movable!


This amazing jQuery plugin allows you to add dynamically cropped and resized slideshow of image in the background of your page or website.

Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Plugin

This plugin is really very creative. It works with images. It creates hover effects on the images.


It is really very compatible and responsive slider which will show your images sliding function in all devices as it is.


It is really very amazing alternative of captcha that you can integrate in the forms and it can replace the old word based captha. Adding jQuery Plugins to your web pages is really very easy and they work perfectly with all kind of websites.

You can add these jQuery Plugins on your website and it will work perfectly with your web pages. It is considered that adding so many jQuery Plugins can make your page heavy and your page will take more time in loading but above these all plugins are light weighted and they dons not effect page speed very much. Do not hesitate adding new features in your web pages; just make sure that you do not add the functions which are looking inappropriate for your content.

I have provided many famous jQuery Plugins and these all are differently useful for websites. Choose the jQuery Plugins according for your website and integrate it well with it. If any code is not working then remove it immediately because unresponsive codes will also effect your page speed. Make your choices and manage the jQuery Plugins according to your website space for additional elements then your website would not be heavy in loading.

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