6 Steps to Prepare A Guest Room for A Lovely Welcome

Welcome your guests to your home with a clean and well-stocked guest room. Staying with family and friends can be more comfortable and convenient than a hotel as long as you take the right steps to get the guest room ready for them first.

Stock Toiletries

Whether you have a guest bathroom or your guests will be sharing a bathroom with your family, stock up on extra toiletries. Put extra soap and shampoo in the shower. Toothbrushes and toothpaste should go by the sink. Have extra rolls of toilet paper and a few feminine products ready, too. Don’t forget a bottle of lotion and a travel-size deodorant, too.

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Remove Storage Clutter

The guest room often becomes a storage room during spans of time when you have no guests. People feel more comfortable and welcome in your home if the guest room is free of clutter. Even if you must stuff some things in boxes and hide them in the crawl space or the garage, make sure the guest room isn’t cluttered with your extra junk.

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Wash the Linens

The guest sheets and towels have been accumulating dust in your linen cupboard. Even if the bed is made and hasn’t been slept in, those sheets are probably dusty if it’s been more than a couple of weeks. Wash the guest sheets and towels before your guests arrive. You’ll eliminate dust that will cause allergy flare-ups, and the linens will smell fresh and clean, helping your guests to feel extra welcome.

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Vacuum and Dust

Your guest room probably doesn’t get the cleaning attention you give to the rest of the house. Musty smells and lots of dust accumulate easily in guest rooms, so be sure to clean thoroughly. Move the furniture and vacuum underneath. Dust accumulates easily in these spaces that never see the light of day. Make sure you’re dusting every crevice and surface. Don’t forget the windows, including the blinds. It’s a good idea to take down your hanging curtains and give those a quick wash and dry, too.

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Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

One of the best ways to make an unused room feel more welcoming is to add textiles. Throw pillows and extra blankets on the bed make it feel cozy. Put a few pillows on any chairs or loveseats that are in the guest room, too. An inviting, comfortable atmosphere will help your guests relax in your home.

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Add a Homey Scent

If you know your guests prefer a certain scent (like lavender, cinnamon, or vanilla) get a reed diffuser featuring that scent and place it in the guest room. If not, a light lemon scent (the kind that you associate with cleaning products) will make the room smell clean, and won’t offend anyone who has a sensitive nose.

A clean, comfortable room with toiletries will welcome your guests to your home and make them feel wanted. Make sure your visit with your guests goes smoothly before they even arrive by preparing the guest room well.