Quick Tips and Tricks for HTC One X

HTC One X is one of the best smartphones of all HTC phones. If you happen to have one with you, you may want to know some useful tips and tricks of your HTC One X, right? So here you are provided 8 tips and tricks for HTC One X to help you better understand your phone and gain a better user experience as well. You can check out HTC One review here for better understanding.

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Quick Tips and Tricks for HTC One X

1. Scroll the Screen with Two Fingers

In the program E-mail or Contacts, use two fingers of yours to drag the screen up and down. Then you may notice that the scrolling is faster.

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2. Take Screenshots

Press the Power button and then hold the Home button at the same time. At this moment, the screenshot is taken and you can find it in the camera folder (DCIM folder).

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Another way is to use the Android method to capture screenshots: hold the standard volume down key along with the Power key and this will store the screenshot into a separate folder named “Screenshots” and this will show separately in file manager and gallery.

3. Close the Apps Not in Use

Call out the multi-task interface (press multitask key. If you changed the multitask key to menu key, generally you just need to long-press the home button). Then find the thumbnail of the apps you want to close and use you finger to gently pull it and the app will shut down. Closing the apps not frequently in use can save power for your HTC One X.

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4. Uninstall the Apps

Enter Apps interface and long press the app you would like to uninstall and the two options Uninstall and Cancel button will show on the screen, then press Uninstall and then the app is uninstalled.

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5. Set up Face Unlock

You can use this to protect the phone from being used by anyone else. To set up Face Unlock function, you can go to: Settings -> Security -> Screen lock -> Face Unlock

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6. Camera Settings

Take a photo while recording a video (VideoPic). You should make sure you are in Normal scene. Then when you are recording a video, tap the Camera icon to capture a still picture of the subject.

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Take continuous photos. You can use this feature in Normal scene. On Viewfinder screen, press and hold the camera icon and it will take at most 20 shots. To keep one photo, you can choose the one you like most and press Best shot. If you press “Less-than sign”, you can save the photos as a batch.

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HDR: When you shot in a poor light situation, you can use this mode. It will automatically shot photos of normal exposure, under exposure and over exposure these three images and then automatically compound them to the best picture.

7. Call Settings

Open the Dial panel. Press the button with three spots on it and you can set speed dial. Key 1 is not available for the setting. After it is done, you can press one number with a little longer time and the corresponding number will dial out. Also HTC One X is now support the incoming call firewall.

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8. Play DVD movies on HTC One X

Although DVD format is not supported by HTC phones, with a solid DVD ripper, you can easily convert and copy DVD onto HTC for playback.