20+ Ideas to Choose A Rug You Love to Have

Picking an ideal area rug can be a complicated business. While the perfect one can finish the space to perfection, the incorrect one can simply ruin the entire look of the room, making it look unfinished and unappealing. When choosing the rug for your home, one needs to keep a few elements in mind, which will certainly help in reaching an ideal rug for your space.

Selecting a rug depends on a few key elements, which are design, color, texture, size, and even material. Only a right rug can offer a nice comforting and warm look to the floor. This can even add a style to your floors besides making your space look sophisticated than ever before. So, these elements must be in coordination with each other to add to the décor of your home, seamlessly.

Consider these elements to pick an ideal rug for your home!

The Size Matters!

Of course, this element matters, a lot. An appropriately sized classic area rugs that perfectly fits the floor of our room is what we need for our home. So, start with measuring the lengths and breadths of your room. Now, take these measurements along with you when you go to buy the rug, so that there is no trouble finding the right size for your home.

Color and Design

Don’t just pick anything when it comes to buying an area rug, precisely. When selecting a rug, make sure you have considered the foot-traffic, surroundings, lights, and theme of your home. Also, don’t ignore the décor of the home while buying carpets and rugs for your home.


Go for Eco-Friendly Rugs

Natural rugs are the new thing that has grabbed the carpet market nowadays. Eco-friendly rugs with minimal design and features are an ideal thing for every home as per the trend. Subtle and classy, this is what natural rugs are known for. You can simply brighten up those dark rooms by adding contrast to dark flooring. This is the mantra-Darker the rooms, brighter the rugs for making those dull rooms look brighter and better. You can always go for color tones like brown, beige, cream, and green for vivid rooms.

Sophistication Works!

Yes, there is a different category of rugs called sophisticated rugs. While there are many modern area rugs, consider picking darker colors such as grey, brown, or black with the occasional splash of cream or white colors to get a perfect color blend for your home. What else is considered classy and sophisticated? Geometrical designs, definitely! So, go for some nice geometric designs and colors when choosing the carpets and rugs for your place.

Quality, Material and Texture

Nothing lasts like a rug made from high-quality materials. Also, it is only the quality that matters in the end. Rugs made of synthetic or any other low maintenance material is perfect for high traffic areas, exactly like your living room.

Coming to the texture of the rugs, we believe that this is one of the most overlooked aspects while buying carpets or rugs. Anyway, choosing the right texture is important. A room that has a mix of different textures gives a rich and layered look. So, it is not just about the cut and looped wool, when you are buying rugs for your home. Buying an ideal rug is much more than that!

Go for 100% wool, if you are looking for something that is easy to clean and maintain. Viscose and silk make a great choice to add that marvelous bit of shimmer to the floor. And, in case, you are worried about your kids or pets making those rugs dirty, it is advisable to use sisal rugs.

Modern area rugs are easily available at the best prices. All you need to do is keep these key elements in mind and get an ideal area rug for your home right away.

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