How to Saunter Into the Season with Adorable Pastel Shades?

For all of us hopeless romantics roaming the world and hiding our soft hearts, this year will be the best! Not only are breathtakingly feminine outfits slowly taking over the ‘boyfriend jeans’ trends, but colours are changing too. Last year, Pantone named Marsala the colour of the year, but this time it’s all about pastels. Welcome Rose Quartz and Serenity; oh how we’ve missed you! Pastels, ruffles, lace, and soft curls, is there anything better?

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Girly Girl’s Favourite  – Skirt in Soft Color

Soft, romantic A-lines, circles, bubble, and panelled skirts are seen everywhere you look, but for those who like to emphasize their curves, pencil, tube, and wrap skirts are the best.

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As for the colour – imagine spending a beautiful spring day in the countryside, in a meadow, and looking around to see nature waking up. Choose your favourite: baby blue, powder pink, pale yellow, green flowers and leaves, polka dots… You name it! As long as you feel like a true lady while wearing it, feel free to rock it.

Dress to Impress

Do you have a formal event coming up? Don’t worry, you can wear pastels and fit in perfectly, no matter what the occasion is. From important business meetings where you can rock your pale pink jacket and matching shoes, to a casual party where you can shine in your mauve mini dress, pastels are important.

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The trend in prominent even at the weddings where you can see bridesmaids in their lovely peach or dusty turquoise bridesmaids dresses accompanying the bride just perfectly without that heavy contrast that bright colours and white wedding dress can have.

Pastel Hair? Yes!

Some ladies couldn’t wait to have their hair dyed pastel like Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry, and the best thing is that you can experiment with bright shades for as much as you like, and those will fade within a couple of weeks to leave you with trendy pastels. Of course, there are colours that simply hypnotizing while they last, but a real pain in the neck to maintain (pinks are notoriously annoying to maintain), and you should redo it every two weeks and moisturize often.

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If you are not sure if you want to go completely pastel, you can always have a few streaks framing your face or at the nape of your neck and work from there.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Of course, you cannot always wear head-to-toe pastel, but you can choose to have a catchy accessory which will accentuate your love for these lovely shades. Forget about your shoes and bag having to match, that’s behind us; combine jacket and belt, jewellery with shoes, and lipstick with nail polish and scarf. However, try not to wear many shades of the same colour; instead combine two colours that complement each other, like beige and white, or blue and green. Soft hair bows, stylish glasses with pearls, and clutch bags with print will make you look like a model.

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Of course, blindly following trends has never brought anyone anything good, so try to find balance and middle ground with this year’s ‘must haves’. If you enjoy wearing bold, bright colours, by all means keep wearing them. But if you would still like to add a touch of romantic to your look, choose a discreet accessory or soft hair colour; it will not transform your look, but it will alter it just enough.

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