Single Letter Programming Languages – Are They Really Cool?

Software Development involves the use of several programming languages and technologies. While some people have the caliber of mastering these languages, others strive hard towards gathering brilliance in the same. Unlike the long-lettered programming languages like Java, Visual Basic, XML, PHP, HTML and others, there has been some crazy obsession for the one-lettered programming language. Through this blog, I’ll be sharing little light on the outright single letter programming languages that have taken the web development world by a wave.

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Single Letter Programming Languages

A glimpse at the changing art of programming

As a software developer, it is your responsibility to follow the software programming trends that are prevalent in the current software development industry. You need to be well acquainted with everything that’s hot and happening in the ever moderating world of web developers. One such example of one-letter programming language that has created a unique niche in the world of software programming is C. Once considered as a top billing programming language, C is now open for the applauds from both, novice as well as professional web programmers residing in different corners of the world.

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Now, let’s cover some interesting insights on highly noticeable one-letter programming languages

One of the greatest advantages of one-letter programming languages is that they are aimed at specific specialized tasks. Each one-letter programming language offers compelling ideas that can serve as an excellent tool for solving a wide range of programming-related issues. Embodying the simple and crisp nature of their names, the single-letter programming languages work as remarkable mediums for developing websites and web apps that can stand out from the crowd.

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  • C– Unlike the limited programming flexibility available with B-the internal language created by AT&T; C emerged as a visible lingua franca for Unix. Adopted by a majority of web developers all over the world, Objective C has all geared up for serving as a local programming language with the introduction of Swift.
  • D– This programming language marked the beginning of a new millennium in the world of software programming. When programming in C started becoming a tedious process of juggling with pointers, it was D that served as a great sigh of relief. The best asset of D is that it supports a highly useful subset of large and complicated unicode. The levels of concepts included within a unicode-encoded document are: code unit, code point and character.
  • M– Considered as the programming language with a key-value database, M allows you to store the queries that you have sent to a mystical entity that’s behind a curtain. With M programming language, you can easily handle the caching and move data between disk and memory. Mostly used by the medical veterans in the administration department, M continues to remain one of the remarkably used programming language in the medical world.
  • R- Yet another long-time popular programming language is R. Primarily used by researchers for computing statistics, R allows programmers to call specific functions, load data and turn the plumbed data correlations into detailed graphs. It is due to the tireless efforts put in by web programmers that using R has become a lot easier now. There are tools such as Rstudio, Rcmdr etc. which have encouraged developers to create tremendous options for handling code in the best possible manner. R allows you to create fancy graphs that comprise of elaborate numbers that showcase everything that’s taking place inside the tables.
  • G– This is a programming language that allows you to use your code for building physical items from the very beginning. G is basically used for controlling the milling machines that are engaged in turning a block of wood, metal or plastic into a particular object. Having being into existence since 50 years from now, G has thoroughly adopted a wide collection of functions that are used for repositioning and positioning the respective programming tool. For example, G96 is a code that modifies the relative speed of the cutting tool. The absence of abstractions is probably the reason why a large group of web programmers call G as the G-code instead of a full programming language.

Wrapping Up

The world of web programming has always been full of fun and unexpected experiments. Although the aforementioned single-letter programming languages may not turn to be the best match for every task, they can perhaps add a good weightage to the curriculum vitae of every web coder.

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