Tips to Get More Out of A Small Room or A Tiny Nook in Your House

House decoration is mandatory in today’s homes. Decoration allows home owners to style their homes and make them inviting. It also allows them to infuse their personality into their homes and make them unique. When it comes to decorating homes, it is easier to decorate larger spaces than it is to decorate smaller areas. Larger spaces provide you with a lot to work with.

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You can get creative and your creations will appear great. Small spaces, however, are very challenging. Your decoration options are limited and mistakes are greatly emphasized. These small spaces include tiny rooms, nooks and the alcoves beneath the stairs. When they are left unattended to, these places are ugly and unsightly. Decorating them, however, should not be an expensive affair. We have, therefore, come up with affordable tips that home owners can adopt to make the tiny spaces in their homes attractive.

  • Turn the nook into a reading area

This is a great way to get more out of the nooks in your home. If you’ve been searching for a private location to go about your reading, then the nook in your home is a great place to do that. Find a comfortable seat and an elevated platform that will serve as the reading area. Add a few comfortable pillows to spice the place up. You will also need a storage area for your books. You can get a small cabinet that doesn’t take up too much space. The cabinet should be in a color similar to that of other furniture in the area so as to create uniformity. With all these adjustments, that boring nook in your home becomes a fun and comfortable place to spend quality time.

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  • Add furniture items to make corners attractive

The corners are the other hard-to-decorate areas in your home. Most people tend to leave these areas blank and this amplifies the situation even further. A great way to make the corners in your home attractive is by adding furniture items. If you have a salvaged door lying idle in your home, pick it up and strategically locate it in one of the blank corners. Another alternative would be to add a shelf with decorative items on it. This makes the corners in your home attractive and this goes a long way to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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  • Plants are ideal as well

You can as well skip the furniture items and opt for plants. Get a potted plant and strategically locate it in the blank corners in your home. The plant should be tall so as to occupy as much space as possible. Plants have the effect of making a place lively and your nature-loving visitors will definitely appreciate this. You should, however, make sure that the plants are watered regularly and receive enough light so as to prevent them from withering. A good plant type that you can use for this purpose is the miniature palm plant. Palms require very little maintenance and this makes them great indoor plants.

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  • Multi-purpose furniture items are the best

When it comes to small rooms, you can save on space by investing in multi-purpose furniture items. Get a sofa that extends to form a bed that your visitors can use when they visit. Cubes are also great to have in your home when you are dealing with limited space. The cubes can be used as seats when you have people over. They can also be used as tables when the need arises.

  • Create the illusion of size

When you are dealing with small spaces, you need to create the illusion of size to make your room appear bigger. You can do this by strategically placing mirrors in the room. The reflection in the mirror will give the room added “depth” and this creates the illusion of size. You can also use floor-to-ceiling curtains for the windows. People are used to seeing such curtains in large houses and when they are added to a tiny room, they create the illusion of size. The fabrics you use for the curtains should be light so as to allow natural light into the room.