The Mandatory Inclusions to Any Kitchen Revamp

Renovation is an integral part of home ownership that allows people to infuse their creativity and personal desire further into their property. It’s an opportunity that many homeowners dream about but never get to carry out, making it even more critical that those fortunate enough get it right when they get the chance.

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A specific remodel that people often carry out, with varying levels of success, involves the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most significant areas of a home, and it’s a top priority to perfect it through renovation if you have the window of opportunity. Below are some features that any post-remodel kitchen should have, and why they matter to you and the value of your house.

Contemporary Feel

If you’re taking the time to remodel your kitchen, it would be wise to aim for a contemporary feel. If you plan on staying in the house through retirement, this issue might not be a focal point, but it’s something to consider anyway. The argument is that contemporary design tends to hold a higher resale value, particularly in the real estate market. This is definitely something to consider if you think there’s even a slight chance you’ll put your property up for sale.

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Contemporary design often features slick and reflective surfaces, with character coming from nearly every angle. Whether it’s having alternating wall colors in the kitchen or a unique tile pattern on the floor, switch it up a bit. The good thing about this type of kitchen design is you can still work your personality into the theme. It will add character to your kitchen and separate it from the others on the same listing page if you sell in the future.

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Bottom line: Your kitchen is surely a prime area of the house within your daily routine, and it will be viewed no different by those viewing your property if you enter the market later on. People want a nice kitchen, and setting the right tone with your design can make or break that. One actionable way to carry this out smoothly is to hire an interior designer to work in unison with a contractor that specializes in kitchen work.

Top-Notch Appliances

Appliances are the nuts and bolts of any kitchen, and in 2013, they’re even more important. During your kitchen renovation, it’s worth the extra couple thousand dollars to go all out on the appliances. If you’re tearing up parts of the kitchen, you may as well get the best refrigerator and dishwasher. After all, it will enhance your immediate life while also giving you a chance at strong sale value on the off chance you part with the property.

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Including the best appliances in your kitchen renovation can also save you money month-to-month, as many of the quality models are more energy efficient than their counterparts. This adds more intrigue to a tough decision.

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Bottom line: Revamping your kitchen with average supplies would be the equivalent of tearing up your yard and putting in the exact same plants. Switch it up and make it worth your time, money and energy. In the end, it’ll pay itself off one way or another.

Efficient Storage

Kitchens are an interesting section of any house, because although you want space, you still want a ton of things in the room. Whether we’re talking about dinnerware sets, or simply the antique silverware you got from the estate sale last week, you need to have efficient storage. It will make your life more relaxing if you have an organized way of storing all of the items in your kitchen. Not only would that, but having a kitchen equipped with mass storage would surely capture the attention of anyone looking at your house. This is huge.

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Storage helps a kitchen flow and function the way that it’s supposed to. Whether it’s adding cabinetry above the sink or building shelves in the large corner pantry, your kitchen upgrade should end with more space than it began with.

Bottom line: Space is everything, especially in an area like a kitchen where a variety of items are used at sporadic times.

The kitchen is a vital space in any home. It’s where communication, nourishment and fun mesh together for families and living situations around the globe. While everyone’s kitchen is unique to the next, these ideas can be applied to at least assist you in planning your own renovation.

Cassie Corbett enjoys writing about her crazy experiences in the kitchen.