Timber Flooring Styles | 15+ Inspiring Designs for Your Floors

Hardwood flooring helps to add a perfect traditional look to your space. It has a rustic beauty to it, added with some grain texture and shiny laminated sheet on top. Markets are overloaded with so many options and it is quite important to check out the available variations.

Starting from timber to French oak, options seem to be practically limitless. And just to make the services even more popular, each segment is divided into multiple sizes, color variations and what not. If you are looking for a perfect value-added option, nothing can surpass the importance of timber flooring then. As defined by the name, timber is the main material used and with quality approaches now.

Generic features to work on

Have you ever tried working with timber floor planks? If not then you are missing out on huge demands. Multiple flooring experts are targeting timber flooring for its growing demand in the client sector. Once you are through with the characteristics, you will know why.

  • Installation process is a piece of cake for timber based floors. These items are milled specifically for ensuring a stable and uniform fit. You have finished and unfinished as two of the basic options to choose from timber category.

  • For the elegant look within pre-set budget plans, timber is the high end choice. It comes with an aesthetically pleasing and elegant appearance, offering beauty and warmth at its best. Moreover, you can get the value of wood too. The style is seamless in nature and never goes out of fashion.

  • Cleaning timber floor will hardly take time at your end. You can use plug in the vacuum and start using it to clean the dirt and dust from the planks. These timbers are easy to clean from debris too. You can just dab mop into water and take a quick swipe on top of the floor and that’s it. You are free from spending so much time on its cleaning.

  • Durability and strength are two other features associated with timber flooring. The products are manufactured following certain standards, making them to last for ages. It can be a perfect option for the active workspaces and for managing the heavy foot traffic well. The floors are hard wearing, tough and come with long durability rate.

Installed anywhere you want

Thanks to its high end durability, you have every right to install timber flooring anywhere you want. It can cover the residential sector or you can start using it to cover commercial space. This floor is perfect for covering heavy foot traffic zones too. If you can add a sheet of lamination on top of the flooring that will prevent it from creating scratch or mess later. So, even if you have pet at home, you can use this floor type to adorn your place. The floors are scratch resistant.

Increase the value of property

Well, you will be amazed to know that timber based flooring helps in enhancing the value of your place more. It does not matter you love timber floor or not, but it can be a perfect addition to the resale value of your place. So, if you are trying to sell your property and get a good amount in return, you should try adding timber flooring in the list for better results and attractive more prospective buyers.

Just log online and get along with the best manufacturing houses working on timber floors and other forms of hardwood options. Check out the types first and sub-divisions under timber before making a choice. Depending on the choice you make, the prices are going to vary.