8 Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Minimalist Look

Minimalist art was founded in the 1960s and still continues to influence today’s designs. In fact, this particular art form is adapted in kitchen themes and even bathrooms. Today, we’re going to take a look at tips on how you can give your bathroom the minimalist style. Whether your bathroom is large or small; you can pull off the theme with the right approach to design.

Mount the Sink and Closets

Setting up wall-mounted closets and sinks doesn’t just give your bathroom minimalists look but also give more space for your floor. You can place a decorative item or a trash can on the extra floor space.

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Install Folded Shower Screens

This is a handy and useful design tip for those who have modest bathrooms. If you have a small area; chances are you have little shower space. Placing a non-foldable shower screen will make the room smaller than it already is. What you can do instead is to set-up a folded shower screen. Using a folded version will allow you to easily collapse the screen to generate more space after using the shower. It’s up to you which type of screen you like. There are basically two variants of folded shower screens which are sliding or folded.

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Use Your Door for Hanging Clothes, Towels, etc.

Focusing your designs on the walls and fixtures is recommended but you shouldn’t forget the door. Aside from being the obvious entrance and exit of the bathroom, the door can also contribute to your minimalist setting. Place hangers on the door so that you can place your clothing, towels, and other fabrics. Doing so will make the bathroom more functional and save space.

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Make Use of Natural Light

Minimalist designs emphasize simplicity so you obviously won’t install large chandeliers or other grandiose lighting. Take advantage of natural lighting and allow it to light up your bathroom during the day. Be careful not to make the windows oversized for lighting; since this will lessen the wall space. Of course, when it’s night time you need to use electric light. Opt for the simple, efficient, and affordable bulbs for your bathroom.

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Go with Standard Plain Colors

Choose colors that are light, dark, or a mixture of both. You can use the standard white theme with a few bits of black or other dark colors. Yellow and orange are also recommended as long as the colors are simple and match well with one another.

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Stay True to Functionality & Architectural Design

If you plan on doing a full remodel of your bathroom; make the functionality and structural aesthetic the focal points of the design. Add pull bars, walk-in showers and other types of practical add-ons.

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Place a Small Mirror

Mirrors can create the illusion of additional space. The more mirrors and the bigger they are; then the larger the semblance of a wider area. However, this can backfire since placing too many large mirrors can highlight the corners — and make your bathroom look smaller. The best option is to place only one sufficient mirror.

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Simple, Small and Efficient Fixtures

Don’t forget to use the right kinds of fixtures to go along with your bathroom’s minimalistic theme. Fixtures from the shower heads to bathtubs should be simplistic and save space. The bathroom fixtures should also plain colors that match or complement well with the walls and ceilings. Of course, you need to make sure the fixtures you’re installing have adequate sizes for the people in your house to use comfortably.


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