Essential Tips to Design Successful Business App

It’s the time when technology is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact now for an ideal innovative startup concept you require a lot more than sufficient financial funding, creative marketing strategies and efficient operational system. What’s needed in the present times is a startup having a mobile solution that is presented to the audience. A mobile app that has amazing design and user-friendly layout allow your business reach the success level much before your competitors. After all, it is an obvious thing your competitors are also planning for an app idea.

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Now do you know how businesses attain success? Well by paying attention to the smallest of details. When this granular focus is missing, a business will fail to separate itself from the services that competitors offer in a meaningful manner. Thus, making the most of the requirements is really necessary for a mobile app to succeed.

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So here let’s discuss the various aspects that you must take care of prior to creating the layout of a mobile app:

Brand: Yes, Brand tends to be pivotal as it allows people to quickly differentiate your products, logo, color, symbol, design and functions from others out there in the industry. What’s needed is designing a layout, a brand logo signifying and conveying the core meaning of what is desired by you to deliver to your consumers. This way you enable them relate to your services in a quick manner whenever they see or hear regarding your brand.

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Business needs: Prior to you begin the app design and development process, it’s vital to take the time to properly access the requirements of your business. In case of the starters they need to decide whether the business simply requires a mobile website, a mobile app or both. In order to determine the right kind of strategy for your mobile requirements you need to well understand your goals. Going by a recent survey, 62% of businesses already have a business app or they are in the process to develop one. Now twenty percent of those businesses are using their app for branding, while 30% built apps for generating small business revenue. The remaining 50% were using their app to enhance customer support and engagement.

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Target audience: It’s essential that you know your business’ target audience. You must know how they will be interacting with an app. What you need to do is make a user-friendly app that is extremely beneficial for your target audience.

User perspective: Now can you tell why they always say that have a “user-friendly design” etc, etc. Well, there is a reason for the same. As that is the sole way you can involve them and drive them in an emotional manner. As a user begins relating his everyday life with your app, you are sure to rule them the way you desire.

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Thus, it is essential for the designers that they come up with simple, usable and user-friendly app keeping the user perspective in mind like how and what the user desires from your app or from a particular screen. App design work wonders only when it works according to what a user thinks it is going to do. A user is always up for simplicity instead of complexity.

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Proven User Interfaces: As you look around you will find numerous existing User Interface (UI) conventions and best practices offering your app the polish it requires. As you design an Android app or an iOS app, you get comprehensive guidelines regarding how you can develop a wonderful app on every mobile platform. With Android’s UI team you get helpful User Interface Guideline, whereas iOS presents a wide-ranging set of iOS Human Interface Guidelines. This kind of expertise helps in the development of a quality app.

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Touch Functionality: If a mobile app lacks touch functionality then its potential is wasted. After all it’s the time when we saw users holding their mobile device in their hands and this mainly calls for a touch functional app. You need to carefully pay attention to the app’s button layout and touch interaction as this pays off greatly by offering an amazing user experience.

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When an end user enjoys interacting with your app then chances are high that they are going to interact with your app regularly. You can implement useful touch functions like swiping, pinch gestures and visual cues informing the user that an item which is there within the app is touched and/or selected.

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Social media sharing: Social media platforms change the game entirely as it comes to the promotion and sharing the concept of your startup. Social media activities throughout the day help in fetching numerous users in quick and effective manner.

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All that is needed is to link your referral program with a social sharing system such as offer an option to share the app’s scores, reviews, progress, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google + from within the app.

Compatible with all mobile platforms: It’s vital to ensure that your app is compatible with all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and that it works finely on all mobile devices. Understanding usability of each platform is a must. You can follow App Store guidelines, design trends and latest techniques of each OS (version) during mobile app development. Meanwhile as you prepare to launch the app, considering your target audience and your business budget is highly necessary.

So once you take care of these above-mentioned factors you can ensure the success of your online business. We wish you luck with your endeavor.

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Twitter , Facebook ,  Linkedin and go through his ideas on distinct topics.