Best Tools for Remote Presentation of Layouts

Large IT companies, small web teams, and freelancers often have to present project layouts remotely. Instead of sending dozens of layouts by mail, explaining to clients which program to use for viewing and the order to review them in, for many people the best option is to use a service that allows you to present layouts.

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Let’s review Services & Tools for Remote Presentation of Layouts in terms of their usability.


InVision suits larger companies, those with between 30 and 50 people. This service has a wide spectrum of instruments for presenting and discussing projects. Even if it is essential to communicate to the customer personally, this service can be used for discussions and layout approvals among designers, programmers, and managers inside a company, as it can be led by several different users.

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RedPen does not have as many functions, but it has all the basics and can be used for presenting small projects consisting of around 10 to 15 layouts. Users can put several layouts in each project folder and send the link to the customer. They are also able to add a short comment to the layout. In sum, this is the perfect service for freelancers.

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(m) maquetter is a new service that will be available soon. Developers are proclaiming it useful both for small and large projects, those with between 70 and 100 layouts, due to its segmentation and structuring. Automatic numbering allows users to easily navigate through many files. Developers also promise that the price for the base package will make freelancers happy.

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The choice of service depends on the scale of the project. The cost of the large, multifunctional service will be unreasonable to a freelancer producing 20 to 30 layouts a month. At the same time, basic services will not meet the needs of large companies. Luckily, today everyone can find what suits them best in the variety of different programs.

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