Top 10 Food Chains in the World

Whenever a traveler arrives in a new country or state, the one common thing he or she searches for is his favorite fast food location. Thankfully, there are food chains like, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s and Domino’s that are spread throughout the world. Here are the top 10 food brands discussed below (not in any serial order).

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Dairy Queen

This food chain is available around 6000 locations throughout the world. They are mainly popular in fast food and soft serves. The signature product of the Dairy Queen is the soft serve ice-cream. Besides, it also serves frozen treats, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, etc.

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Domino’s Pizza

With franchise around 70 countries, this pizza chain possesses 1000 stores. It serves various crust styles of pizza depending on the demand of customers. Starting from the oven-baked pizza, sandwiches to pasta and the bread bowls, you can find everything here. In the beverage section, it serves coke as well as diet coke.

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The signature product of the subway is Submarine sandwiches. The service mainly operates in 107 countries with more than 42,000 restaurants in total. The product of the Subway varies according to their locations. Some of the popular products are subway melt, roasted chicken, tuna, chicken teriyaki, etc. In a year, subway manufactures as much sandwiches as it can cover the earth for 14 times in total.

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Founded by Harland Sanders in the year 1930, KFC was first introduced in Kentucky. Presently, KFC possesses more than 18,000 stores in 118 countries. For maintaining the freshness, KFC discards the pieces of chicken that are not sold within 90 minutes. The popular items are popcorn chicken, chicken burgers and various types of finger foods.

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More than 35,000 outlets of McDonald’s are present in 119 countries. The signature product of McDonald’s is the hamburger. Partnered with some entertainment companies, the food chain is also among the largest distributors of toys. If you possess McDonald’s discount coupons, you can avail various attractive offers.

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Originally based at Seattle in Washington, Starbucks is one of the largest coffee companies in the world. It is popular for serving the cold and hot beverages with snacks, wines and beers.

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Papa John’s Pizza

The service of Papa John’s is spread in 34 countries. The pizzas are well known for their high-quality ingredients.

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Dunkin Donuts

The first store of Dunkin Donuts was introduced in Quincy city of Massachusetts. Although the Dunkin Donuts operates in only 3 countries, it has more than 10,000 restaurants in total. You will find various flavors of coffee and cookies as well as donuts among their popular items. They mainly focus on iced and hot beverages, sandwiches, baked goods and the soft drinks.

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Burger King

This hamburger service is available through 13,000 restaurants among 79 countries around the world. Introduced way back in 1957, their signature product is the whopper sandwich which is still available in the stores.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is well-known for their pizza delivery services throughout the world. With more than 6000 restaurants throughout the world, it is the first ever company known for delivering pizza even to the international space station in the year 2001.

Though the food chains are not mentioned in any chronological order, these 10 brands can be considered as the top 10 chains in the food industry. Whoever searches for the coffee, pizza, burgers and the sandwiches in various countries, will surely be familiarized with the names of these food chains. If you have not yet tasted from any of them, go ahead and satisfy your taste buds.

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