Top 10 Tools for Mobile Apps Design & Development

There has been a rapid demand of the mobile applications for the past few years. The demand is being attended regularly by a large community of developers to accomplish the soaring needs of the clients. With the continuous efforts of developers, we have a wide variety of applications to be used for different needs.

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Developers make use of a number of app designing and development tools that help them accomplish the task with ease. These tools not only help the designers create functional but visually aesthetic tools as well.

Let’s dive deep into the world of these useful tools tailored to meet the needs of mobile app developers, professionals, as well as of novices.

Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio is for those who do not love coding much. The wireframing tool is there to create animated and functional UI prototypes even without writing a single code line. The tool can be used in the designing of storyboards in real-world context. It also aids in building app design interactions and integrating it with the storyboards.

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Marvel is known to turn simple Sketches on paper into interfaces and easy to tap prototypes that allow users to have a demo of the app idea and share the same with others. The best news about the tool is that it is compatible with .psd files that cut down the need of converting the designs before uploading the same. More to it, this prototype tool includes custom animation for a realistic prototype experience.

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With the drag-and-drop feature, MobileNation is an easy to use online tool that makes the app designing quite handy for the developers. This tool has gained so much of popularity because it is compatible with all the modern browsers. The tool is really useful for the professionals as well as amateurs. After the app has been created, MobileNation allows developers to publish it to different app stores.

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mobilenation mobile app builder is renowned for being zero coding wireframing tool. allows users to develop interactive prototypes. The tool can additionally be used for testing the prototype designs on the smartphones as well as on tablets. Another interesting news about the application is that it has got actions that can be used for simulating the application.

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AppMakr is basically an online tool that allows users to create mobile apps that are content-centered. There is also a related service with the framework that lets the users distribute their apps in different app stores. With AppMakr, it also becomes easy to import RSS feeds into a mobile optimized app. For the same, there is no requirement of being a versed programmer. It just requires the basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

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Being an open source tool, PhoneGap acts as an extension between individual mobile OS SDKs and the common development practices. This tool can be counted among the exceptional ones as it supports multiple mobile OS that include iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows, and other. The tool can also be utilized to create app with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 as well.

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Axure is the wireframing tool if you wish to create interactive mockups. Having the status of a zero coding tool for wireframing websites and applications, Axure includes all the documentation tools that are essential for designing and documenting the designs. Users have the choice to choose among standard edition or the pro-edition. However, it requires additional collaboration.

5Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is available as an app as well as browser to help developers decide on a color scheme. The tool can be used to take photo of the elements with a color scheme of the choice and let the tool pick the best complementary color from the photo. Alternatively, a premade color palette can also be picked from the library to get a winning color scheme.


 UXPin is just an exceptional designing tool. The tool is one favorite among the developers as it offers them the facility of creating mockups without much experience in the same. The best news about this tool is that it can be used for almost any kind of design that you require to create. Whatever design is created, it can successfully be transformed into the functioning prototype.

7Fluid UI

In case, there is an issue in visualizing the flow of the mobile app, Fluid UI is the wireframe tool that helps the users in getting out of the problem. It serves as a captivating tool for designing interactive prototypes. The tool allows the users to create wireframes for mobile platforms like Android, iOS, as well as Windows 8. The tool has also user interface elements and the Fluid UI can also be used for sharing the work with other teams.


Final Words

Above mentioned tools can be utilized in the best way to create exceptional mobile app designs. These tools not only help in creating outstanding applications but also make the apps aesthetically alluring for the users. The list consists of some of the best tools that make the development job easiest for the developers.

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