Top 9 Design Tips to Turbocharge Your App Landing Page   

“Landing pages are like a blank canvas. You are free to create a bland and uninspired mush that will bore and turn away everyone. Or you can create a masterpiece that will move most people who see it,” says Tim Ash, the author of Landing Page Optimization – The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions.

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In short, app developers and marketers have the latitude and liberty do anything with their landing pages. Think about it! Given that it’s a giant online marketing laboratory, you are free to conduct experiments, every single day, based on customer experience, using handy web analytics tools that track and record every interaction the visitors have with your landing page. The report keeps you posted on the source of the visitors, the time they spent lingering on your site, and the path taken through the site. Nope! The data collected via this tool may not be perfect in every sense of the word, but there’s certain standard of accuracy attached to it.  So, you should leverage it to make sure that the landing page offers a clear value proposition, which in turn might help you hold people’s attention much longer, given that an average visitor often leaves a web page within 10-20 seconds.

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So, as an app developer do you wish that your visitors linger on your landing pages for more than the required time? Then thump through these 9 Tips to Turbocharge your App Landing Page now.

#1. Display the Name and Logo On the Top-Left Hand Corner   

No monkeying around the Name and Logo aspect of your app. Because, it’s not an accessory; it’s a necessity. So, first things first: Get a beautiful name and logo designed for your app. And, then get it displayed on the top left corner of your landing page.  According to Tim Rush, it’s the most prominent and  powerful position on the web page. Or, in the case, you are planning to place other crucial elements there, you can even place the logo right at the center of the page.

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Take a look at ChowNow app’s landing page. It’s got the logo and name right on top, on the top left hand corner.  And, it’s pretty prominently placed. The app gives restaurants a competitive edge by allowing customers to order online. And the headline aptly describes the app’s objective.

chownow app - name and log on top left hand corner - pic 1

#2. Trumpet Your Unique Selling Proposition Loud and Clear

Why should people download your app in the first place? So, get that USP loud and clear in your head first. Once that’s decided, turn all your attention toward turning the USP into a jaw-dropping headline. If anything,  it should be succinct. Let not users fry their brain to ferret out the actual purpose of your app and the benefit they are going to derive from it. So. No. Bullshit.

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Human app landing page - pic 2

Once you have finalized the headline, turn your attention toward setting up a Supporting Headline, a Reinforcement Statement (yet another headline that sits halfway down your page) and if possible a Closing Statement backed by a call-to-action liner.

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Take a look at the Human App landing page. The Headline and the Supporting Headline is pretty  straightforward. No overwhelming  visitors. The app is meant to help people walk 30 minutes or more everyday.  And the landing page says just that : Inspiring people to stay healthy, which is sure to make people feel good about themselves.

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#3. Employ High-quality Relevant Visuals  

According to a QuickSprout infographic, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images. There’s another stat that states 90% of the information sent to our brains are visual.

Faces - pic 3

Long story short: Only use relevant visuals. Avoid generic ones, because relevant visuals instantly tell the users what your app is all about.

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Take a look at Faces App’s landing page images. It immediately tells users what the app is all about: that is, it can conjure funny faces easily and put a smile on your friend’s face in no time.

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#4. Leverage Explainer Videos to Draw in More Visitors  

Well reading text does not come easy to many people. (This, I am telling you from experience.) But then, people are always a game for videos.  Show them as many videos as possible, and people, in all probability, will watch it all day long. Partly, because they are quick to watch and consume and partly because they are easily shareable.

moments-app-mobile-page - pic 4

Take a look at Facebook Moment (video). The videos first screen matches the landing page, which makes sure that your transition from browser to video is easy. Plus, the video is clear and well-animated explaining the value of app.

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#5. Follow Minimalistic Design   

It goes without saying that your landing page should be visually appealing.  Because, it talks about the quality of your product in a big way. In fact, a neat, uncluttered design indicates professional quality. On the other hand, a bad design is a big turn off.  So make sure that your fonts, colors and design elements are consistent all through out, even with your PPC campaigns.

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Loudie app landing page - pic 5

Take a look at loudie app’s landing page. Though, the app is named Loudie, there’s nothing loud about the page. Rather, it’s clean, and neat, with loads and loads of white space. Loudie helps users not only discover new concerts, but also updates users on the concerts their friends are interested in. 

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#6. Make Sure of Message Consistency

If  your PPC campaign speaks a different language than your landing page, then be assured, visitors will be utterly confused and leave your landing page, asap. To make sure that your landing page is sticky, make sure the keywords you use in your PPC campaign gets mirrored in all your ads, and specifically in the landing page.  In short, keywords should be in perfect sync, all across.  It should not leave any room for confusion in the user’s mind.

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Mailchimp - pic 6

For instance, MailChimp ensures message consistency all across, whether it’s their Linkedin profile message, Twitter page or email newsletters. 

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# 7.  Make space For Chat System

Chat system is an excellent way to connect with customers and gain new leads. Customers keep having queries regarding pricing, service, etc.  So, answering them on an immediate basis, via chats is the most effective way to gain leads and close deals.

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family signal-chat box example - pic 7

For instance, Family Signal app’s landing page has chat box placed at the lower right corner. 

#8.  Harp on Your Association with Bigger Brands

If you had the opportunity to work with some well-known brands, go ahead and advertise their logos on your landing page.  It’s a nice way to build credibility and reputation about your brand.  On the other hand, displaying lesser known brands won’t get you any sort of mileage, which is not the case with world renowned brands. 

Groopie's landing page - pic 8

#9. Make It Mobile Friendly

With 80% of the internet users owning a smartphone, it  goes without saying that landing pages need to be mobile-friendly.  That said, you should also ensure that your landing pages appear appropriately on desktop computers and tablets as well.  To cut to the chase, adopt responsive design to make sure all your devices and platforms enjoy a good user experience.

Wrapping Up

What face is to a human beings, landing pages are to app.In other words, it’s the face of the app. And  just like loud make-up makes a person  look like a clown, an app with loud design won’t be taken seriously. So, minimalism is the catchword here. Plus, comply with other tips as well to come up with a fairly good landing page. Good Luck. 

Jini Maxin is a Sr. Writer with Openxcella top Mobile App Development CompanyBesides acting nerdish all the time, she is an opinionated writer with a big appetite for books, buzzwords, and boatloads of bouquets J.