Top Flooring Ideas for Professional Looking Home Office

The right choice of flooring can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room.  It can also make a statement about you and your beliefs. Environmentally friendly flooring is the perfect example of your ability to make a stylish statement whilst creating a professional and personal space.  The following flooring ideas can be used in any room of your house but it is exceptionally good for the home office as it creates the right balance of professionalism and environmental concern:

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Cork has been used for many years as wine bottle tops, notice boards and even gaskets on cars. However, it has only been in the more recent past that cork flooring has been produced. It is made from the bark of the cork oak tree and can be removed without harming the tree; in fact the bark will re-grow within three years and be ready to be harvested again. It is fire retardant, comes in a variety of styles and colors and is both waterproof and acts as an insect repellant.  It is also exceptionally durable and should last between ten and thirty years.

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This looks very similar to traditional hardwood flooring but is actually sustainable. The bamboo is removed from the plant without killing it; it will be ready to be harvested again within three to five years. Naturally bamboo is a light colored material but it can be obtained in and looks spectacular in situ.

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This should not be confused with vinyl floorings which do have a negative environmental impact. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour and a variety of other parts.  It is fire retardant and water resistant.  It requires a sealer to protect it from stains but can be created in a wide range of colors and styles.

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Glass Tiles

Any item of glass which is thrown away can be recycled into glass tiles. It can be purchased in a wide range of colors and will actually brighten any room as it reflects the light. It is exceptionally durable and does not mould, even in damp environments.

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When mixed this does emit a chemical which can be damaging to the environment. However, it is an essential ingredient for foundations. Instead of finding a flooring to go over the top of it, you can have it polished and stained the color of your choice. The floor looks fantastic and will last a lifetime! It can also be laid to create a tile effect or almost any other pattern and style you can think of.

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Wool Carpet

Most carpets have a variety of chemicals associated with them; however a natural wool carpet is made from sheep’s wool and is completely sustainable. Wool can be dyed any color you wish and the carpet and rugs are exceptionally hardwearing; they have been known to be passed on through several generations.

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Rubber flooring has been used for many years in industrial settings. However it is now becoming a desirable product for your home. Rubber barrier mats in particular, have a slight bounce and feels warm when walked on; it is also water resistant and can be made in a wide variety of colors.



There are several types of hardwood but floors made from reclaimed or sustainable hardwood are accepted as eco-friendly products.  Hardwood which has been lost or used and is ready to be re-used will class as reclaimed wood; you are not damaging the environment by using it.  It can make a good, solid floor in almost any color and will be warm underfoot.

Alternatively you can obtain your hardwood from a sustainable source. This is wood which has been harvested from trees but, for ever tree felled a new one is planted; ensuring a constant supply of wood for the future.

Every one of these options can look fantastic in your home office, simply choose and then install! Make your home office feel comfortable, and invest in top quality flooring systems. Whether you’re fond of rubber and linoleum, or you’d like to give hardwood a try, just remember – quality makes the best floor. Your home office will look amazing for decades!