Top IPad Home Automation Apps to Have Modern Remote Controlled Home

Controlling your home has now become easier than ever. The best part is that you don’t even need to be present in your home to exercise widespread control of its functioning. From adjusting the thermostat and managing your home security system to controlling your home entertainment system, there exists a home automation app for every part of the house. There are numerous apps for any smartphone, but the home automation apps through the iPad are some of the most robust. Here is a look at some systems and apps that will transform your house into a high tech gadget-sphere overnight. Also have a look at the top apps for home improvement!

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Phillips Hue Lighting System

For home automation through the iPad, your home lighting system is the logical first place to start. For about two hundred dollars you can get the Phillips Hue Lighting System starter kit that will get you started in iPad home automation. The kit comes with three connected bulbs and a bridge controller that connects the bulbs to the home WiFi for remote control. With this system you can do more than just turn the lights on and off–you can also create light settings, alter the colors of the bulbs, and set mood lighting through a variety of lighting schemes.

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Nest Thermostat Control

One of the most important systems in home automation from an iPad is thermostat control. The Nest system integrates with your home’s heating and air conditioning system to allow for remote control of the thermostat. For around two hundred and fifty dollars you get an easily programmable system that features a mobile app to let you adjust your home temperature to your preference. When you are out of the house and forget to turn the heat or air off, you can make an easy adjustment and save money each month in utilities.

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Savant Total Automation

This is just one of numerous total home automation systems available on iPads and other smartphones. This system allows you to control lighting, temperature, home security, and home entertainment audio/video. Everything is controlled via touchpad on the device and each area is easily navigable. This system was the first to develop native home automation apps exclusively for Apple and, as such, features the most integrated control system for iPads and iPhones. This complete home automation system is expensive, but the features abound if you are looking for total remote control over your home’s operations.

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Belkin WeMo System

This fifty dollar home automation system app is the cheapest option for home automation systems and features the bare bones of automation features. For an introduction to home automation, it is hard to beat the price. This system is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and uses your home’s WiFi to control remotely. The WeMo device plugs into the light sockets and converts them into smart sockets. With this you can turn lights on and off, set a lighting timer, and turn the television on and off remotely. For another fifty dollars you can also get a motion detector and switch for the power to trigger your lights and certain electronics with motion. If you are just looking for a basic lighting control system, this is a good starter system.

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Creston Complete Automation

This system is similar to the Savant system in that it functions as a total home automation system and is very easy to use. Creston allows you to control lights, temperature, blinds, home security systems, and home entertainment systems through a simplified interface. The Mobile Pro G setting also lets you control the automation features through an iPad or iPhone in a convenient touchpad form. Since this is a complete automation system, Creston can be pricey but the versatile features are impressive for total home control.

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By +Ben Vaughn who works with Arc Blue Electric, a Salt Lake City electrician. Ben writes about the new home automation that is enabling you to control your home wherever you are. Ben is looking forward to installing his own home automation system as soon as he gets the chance.