15+ Online Tools for Logo Design

Logo design can be looked at two ways, you can look at it as a complete waste of time because your branding is what makes a logo and not its appearance, or you may look at it as if it is the seed from which your brand shoots. In hindsight it may be better to look at your logo as horse droppings (or fertilizer as a better turn of phrase) since a good and well designed logo will help your brand grow, whilst a poorly designed logo will hold back the growth of your brand like salt filled fertilizer on a batch of lily seeds. Here you need to understand the importance of having a well-designed logo for small business success.

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How is My Logo Like Fertilizer?

Think of it in terms of how much it holds back your company if it is either poorly designed or a wrong design choice. A poorly designed logo will make your company appear to be a part-time two bit operation (most likely run by a middle eastern 12 year old on his dad’s computer). And, a poor design choice could lead to a massive contradiction whilst branding. Look at following examples to comprehend the rules for logo designing in order to create the right logo for your company.

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For example, a red dagger in the west is going to appear to be something dangerous and may suit a technology firm or company dealing with dangerous materials. In China a red dagger would mean strength and luck, which may not go so well with the company you have set up to deal with toxic waste.

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The mis-design problem does not sit in one spot. A bright pink logo may work well for a line of dolls, but not so well for a line of choppers.  A spiky and complex logo may work well for a marketing company but not so well for a childcare institute.

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Logo designing can also revolve around a certain theme, object or shape like leaf, tree, water, a letter, animal or anything which matches the nature of your business. Understanding these rules and principles will prove as a key for successful logo design.

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Like Fertilizer on a Field of Sown Seeds

The quality and design of your logo will either help or hinder your business growth (ergo is like fertilizer on plants). A neutral, isn’t so good/isn’t so bad, logo is frankly not good enough. If you know a good logo is possible, then why lumber yourself with a logo that is sub par? Here are 15+ online tools for logo design you can use to create your own logo.

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Cool Text

Not the most inspired name on the planet, but this is often an indicator that a single programmer or a small underfunded team has made the tool and so the name is nothing more than a fun label. This is probably the reason why it is free because the people behind it are not trying to recoup any money. This logo design tool allows you to set up text and different fonts in graphical ways with some great illustrations. The options are a little limited so you have to use a bit of good judgment when picking your text.

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Free Logo Services

This is a bit of misdirection because apparently it’s a free tool for logo design, but once you have created your most perfect logo you have to pay for the high resolution version. Still, you are able to play with fonts and text shapes and illustrations though it will not let you move around either the images or the text (which is a quite undesirable).

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This is based on community of designers. You enter your ideas into the tool and it s posed as a competition, which is quite apt because they call the payment the prize. Basically you enter your parameters and you are presented with logos that are not generated by the tool but are submitted to the tool by other designers. The usual design time for this logo creator is often seven days and it can (and will) cost you a lot of money if you pick a logo.

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Logo Maker

This is another tool that comes across as free and they will even give you the web version for free, but if you want the high resolution version then you are going to have to pay. They offer you a batch of images that you can customize into your own logo. The only problem with logo maker is that some of the images are really quite good and you can imagine that a lot of people have used them.

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Logo Ease

This is a logo creating tool that is free and you can have the high resolution images for free. It allows you to choose fonts and images for your logo which you should then customize and edit so that they do not look as cheap as the website would allow. Outside editing may also be required if you have a photo shopping program.

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Logo Yes

This is a tool that is only free until you want the high resolution version, at which point the price shoots up. You can use the illustrations presented and you can use their editing tools too. This logo design tool also offers card printing services for a fee.

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Logo Snap

This website offers its logo design tool free but asks that if you do find a logo that you like then maybe contribute a small amount in order to keep the website up and running. It gives you various degrees of font based options and illustrations that you can use to make your customizable logo.

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is part of the Creative Suits and it is probably the most popular graphic design software because millions of people are using it on daily basis. The reason for this is because it packs lots of great features along with allowing the user to control every tiny aspect of the design process.

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Good thing about Laughingbird is there is no need to draw anything. However, you will have to download the software first, the good part is it is available for both Windows and Mac. The software comes with more than 200 templates and graphic elements that can be inserted into the canvas really easily. It is one of the best logo design tools for Mac today.

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This logo design software looks a bit like Microsoft Office but the good thing is it offers a free trial version, so you can give it a try. There are more than 1200 templates that will definitely match any industry out there including food, construction, finance, cleaning, etc.

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This is another Office lookalike and the user can try its free trial. Plus you will be able to choose between using an existing logo or creating your own logo or template from scratch. There are lots of great tools that you can use which makes the software really good.

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The next thing we would like to offer you is called LogoGarden. It features lots of great functions and its great design is really intuitive so you will not have any problems navigating through this logo design software.


You would probably like to use this software in case you feel like designing various texts with effects or letters. It features lots of ready templates, or even if you don’t like any of them you can create your logo from scratch.


This is another great software from our collection of online logo design tools that will allow you to choose between lots of different categories of designs so that you can accomplish the logo you are in need of.



If you are looking for more professional approach, then Tweak is the right choice for you. This logo design software comes with variety of professionally created templates so you will be free to choose any of them.


The last offer we have is a simple generator that will allow you to create a logo with just a few clicks. Basically it is really useful, especially when you lack ideas for a logo design.

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