Top Sites for the Modern Media King – Video Overload

One of the most searched commodities on the internet is the video with millions congregating on a single video itself. Here are the top video hosting web sites today. Also see how to create video footage?

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Top Sites for the Modern Media King


Created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006, YouTube is the most popular video sharing and hosting website on the planet and it has universal appeal. So much is its appeal that certain governments have banned to avoid information from being transmitted and viewed over YouTube. User generated videos, TV shows, movie clips and trailers, video blogging and now, with the popularity of YouTube being so much, original Web series’ have also been created.

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YouTube is very user friendly and intuitive and is simple for both the user and the viewer.


Launched in 2005, DailyMotion is based out of France and is the second largest visited video hosting website in the world. Videos on the website can be found through categories or ‘Channels’ and there are many user friendly categories such as Most Viewed, Trending or What’s Hot.

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Vevo is unique as it is only for music videos and nothing else. It was launched in 2009 and it offers the music based multimedia of the high quality to viewers. Vevo is also supported by many organizations such as Sony, Universal, EMI, CBS and Walt Disney amongst others. Many measuring statistics have ranked Vevo as the number one platform for music videos and it is as user friendly as YouTube. Music is separated according to themed categories and they are easily accessible.

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Google Video

Google brings its easy to use interface to video hosting as well and features the ability to search for videos which are uploaded on other video hosting websites.

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Facebook has become popular enough to warrant video hosting services. Over five hundred million all over the internet use and visit Facebook on a daily basis and often repeatedly throughout the day. Facebook works as a social networking website even when it is functioning as a video hosting website. It allows videos to be shared amongst friends and allows interactions to be discussed related to videos. Check out tools to make videos compatible with iphone and ipad.

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Created in 2007, it is one of the premier video sites on the internet and it offers a plethora of good quality multimedia which includes the latest TV network productions. Hulu is a premier quality viewer and NBC, Fox, ABC, Disney and Nickelodeon all feature on the website with videos for TV shows being updated within twenty four hours of airing. Hulu Plus, a paid service, allows users to access retired content and allows all of Hulu’s content to be viewable on television, smart phones and even gaming consoles.

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Yahoo! Video

Launched in 2006, Yahoo! Video offers branded channels and video content with the familiarity of Yahoo!’s generally familiar setting.

Searching for online videos is a common task among today’s internet users with entertainment, news and education along with other trivial videos are all available across the  internet and can be accessed, often more easily than other media, through the internet. The primary positive reason for internet video viewing would be that the viewer has choice over what video they want to see at a certain point of time and not have to wait for network programming.

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