Superb Ideas to Transform Your Child’s Room into Something Magical

Children have vivid imaginations and these can often be inspired by their favorite movie or TV characters. Unfortunately, this then means that the theme takes over everything they do and they want every part of their lives to reflect the characters of their chosen program. Whilst a full Disney style make-over is probably not viable the following ideas should help to create a magical effect in their room:

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Mini Art

It is easy and very effective to bring a wall of any room to live by creating your own mini-art gallery. Photos, wall art and any other hanging item can be displayed on the wall to bring color and character to the room – even pictures of your favorite Disney characters cans be used!

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Colorful patterns, whether on the bed sheets, curtains or even as part of a rug will fill your child’s room with light and life; giving it a special feel. Reds and pinks, greens and blues, are all excellent combinations on stripes and geometrical shapes. Your child’s room won’t just look vivid; it will also scream playfulness and ingenuity.

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Unique Furniture

It is no longer necessary to purchase a whole set of furniture for your child’s bedroom. Instead collect a variety of different pieces, each of which has a special meaning to you or them. This will certainly bring some magic to the room. Interesting pieces can be found in a variety of places, local shops, chain stores or even online auction houses.

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DIY Cushions & Coverings

To add a personal touch to any room get your sewing machine out and create new cushion covers or even beanbags, use scenes from their favorite films to really bring their imagination to life. Go for top-quality designer fabric online, just to make sure your kid has a restful sleep too. Egyptian cotton for example, is an ideal choice. It is all-natural and it won’t create any allergies.

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Funky Accessories

This does not mean you should attempt to make all the furniture for your child’s room! There are many small details which can be easily made, such as bunting. This will bring any room to life. Pom-poms for example, add a splash of color to any room; they can also add some different textures which children love to feel. Pom-poms will be something your child loves to show off and makes them feel good about their room.

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Instead of a standard headboard you can easily create one by cutting a piece of wood into any shape you like. Cover with some foam and an old bed sheet or duvet cover to create a unique effect in any room. If you use a duvet cover with their favorite film character then they will be over the moon!

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You can use three or four different color paint in a room to create a unique effect; this may be trying to recreate a battle scene from Star Wars or simply the night sky. Either result will please your child, particularly if you allow them to help!

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Wall Decals

These come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of any room. Simply find decals of their favorite characters; peel and stick to the walls. The best part of this is that they can easily be updated in the future.

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Cuddly toys, particularly those which are associated with their favorite characters can be placed in strategic spots across the room. They will reinforce the theme of the room and add a softer touch, if required.

Disney Theme

Most people will not be able to put the princess carriage or Captain Hook’s ship into a bedroom. However, it is easy to add the effect by using drapes, well worn wood and even well chosen rugs or wall charts. A rug under the bed can create the feeling of being on Aladdin’s carpet, whilst copying the colors of a favorite character’s room will always bring the story to life. Children have vivid imaginations, let them use them!

Transform your kid’s room into an adventure land. Make it look appealing, colorful and out of the ordinary. It will definitely make his/her appreciate it more, and even keep cleaner than usual.