How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems?

Learning more about basic router troubleshooting is certainly useful when you start experiencing some network connectivity problems. There is nothing better than resolving the problem on your own.

Rebooting the Router

The first thing you should try when you come to a problem is to reboot the router. For example, some of your favorite blogs fail to load, the internet connection becomes sluggish, the wireless connection flakes out – all of this and much more can be easily solved by rebooting the router.

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Rebooting the router is quite simple. All you have to do is to unplug the router, wait a little, and plug it back again. If there is a power switch on your router you can also use the button instead of unplugging the router and plugging it in again.

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Please note that if you have to do this quite often, it is recommended to check the router firmware and upgrade it if necessary.

Are the Cables Firmly Connected?

Although this may sound too simple, checking the cable connections is one of the possible solutions. It can happen that we accidentally kick the cable and unplug it or loosen it up. Checking the cables will take only a minute of your time so take this solution into consideration.

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Overheating is a Problem

Overheating is a problem for every electronic device not only routers. It may cause the route to become unstable so it is good to check the router temperature from time to time. In case your router is too hot, it would be good to take care of the airflow around it. Make sure the vents aren’t blocked or simply place the router in a new location if possible.

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Find a New Place for Your Router

IF your WiFi signal causes you problems, relocating the router is something you should definitely try. Make sure that there is nothing which can block the signal like electronic devices or some metal objects.

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Additionally, check the router’s antennas. It is good to know that when you position the antennas vertically, the coverage is at the maximum.

Consider Changing the Wireless Channel

Interference is a common problem for wireless routers, especially when you live in a building in which there are many wireless routers working in the same frequency. Figuring out which channel to use and changing the router settings so it can work in that channel will greatly reduce interference, resulting in a better wireless signal.

Reset the Router to Factory Settings

If there is a big problem with the router settings, resetting the router to factory settings is a good solution. In most cases it is not necessary to do it, but it is good to know how to do it in case you have tried everything else. For example, if someone has changed the default router IP address ( for example) or change the default router password, and you can’t access the router settings, resetting the router will bring back the default settings and you will be able to login to the router using the default IP, username and password.

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If you decide to do this you have to know that all the previous changes of the router settings will be brought back to default so you will have to configure the router again.

Final Words

As you can see the troubleshooting process is not that difficult for now. However, there are other possible reasons for your networking problems like a malfunctioning router, damaged cables and so on. However, before you contact the support team make sure to try all the things we have suggested. Hopefully one of the will solve the problem.