Turn Your House Into a Home with New Year’s Home Resolutions

According to the National Association of Realtors, there were 4.9 million previously-owned home buyers last month. If you fall under that massive statistic, then it’s time to plan the changes that will turn that house into your home! Adding your own personal touches will help to change a home from a place where someone else lived, into your very-own cozy abode. Start the New Year out with these easy to do projects!

Color It Your Way

One way to begin transforming your home is to start with a clean slate, says Better Homes and Gardens. Paint one or more rooms with white or off-white colors, including the walls and ceiling. Add similarly colored furniture, then accent the room with bright colors that match the season. Bright-colored wall hangings, pillows on the furniture, and throw rugs give you a nice contrast and a chance for a lot of creative design expression! The light paint will also open up the room, making it look larger.

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Creative De-Cluttering

You can make storage spaces throughout your house that are attractive and functional. Build shelving around a set of windows or French doors. The windows and doors will create an open feeling within the storage areas along the walls. Use woven baskets, metals bins or colored boxes on the shelves to create a more contemporary feel to the storage.

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Find furniture with built-in storage space such as credenzas, futons with drawers underneath, and ottomans with a compartment under the cushion. Drawers in a coffee table will store coasters, videos, books and magazines. You can also go for coffee table accessories to give a fresh look.

Window Treatments

Give your windows a good cleaning and remove any dark window treatments that block sunlight from coming in. Make a room look larger by mounting the curtain rod near the ceiling and using floor-to-ceiling drapes. Create a bold color statement against a light-colored wall with a set of shades such as from The Shade Store. Roman shades hide the window when closed but still provide an artistic accent to the wall.

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Lighten It Up

Looking for a super easy way to change your home? Home and Garden TV suggests an easy way to freshen up your home is to replace all of your light bulbs. Use three-way bulbs where you want to have a well-lit space. Consider replacing entire lighting fixtures with new, modern designs. While you’re at it, put up a ceiling fan/light fixture combination to brighten up the space and gain some air movement through the house. You can follow modern ways to light up your home quickly.

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You can also use mirrors as an accent to a room, and to make it look larger and more open, says the Relax Nation. Place mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light into the space. Mirrors placed on a wall behind an object such as a plant or floor lamp also create an illusion of more space.

Create a Focal Point for Your Collection

Instead of bits and pieces scattered throughout your home, gather together items in a collection and create a location where it can be the focus of attention. Put your teddy bear collection on a small table in the living room. Show off your tea sets in a glass corner display case in the dining room. Your collection will look more organized and add less clutter to your home.

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Clean Up the Kitchen

Keep magnets, take out menus, and grocery lists off of the fridge and find a modern-design cork board on which to display these items. A French style bulletin board uses ribbons to hold photos and other pieces of paper. Another type of board holds items with tiny magnets and often comes with a surface you can write on.

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