Underrated Secrets – How to Turn Your Bathroom from Boring to Brilliant

It seems impossible. Yet turning a bathroom from boring to brilliant is actually easier than it sounds. You just have to understand that you don’t need to tolerate a boring bathroom any longer and that you have a myriad of excellent options to look into, consider, and decide upon. Here are a few of your many options you can check out to Turn Your Bathroom from Boring to Brilliant actually!

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Start with a New Paintjob

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a bathroom. Many homeowners have found that a fresh coat of paint is actually all that’s required to liven up their boring old bathroom and make it look like new.

  • Sponge-painted walls in traditional style bathrooms is something to look into as this look works particularly well with brass or copper bathroom fixtures.
  • White is still the colour of choice in small bathrooms as bright, white walls help to make small bathrooms look bigger than they actually are.
  • Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls, or a shade lighter, will also help to make small bathrooms look bigger.
  • For bachelor pads consider dark, masculine colours like navy blue, burgundy, grey and brown hues. When paired with white bathroom furniture this is an outstanding look.
  • Soothing colours like Tiffany blue are always a great choice, so consider light hues that complement your bathroom furniture and decorations.

Let a Little Light In

It’s truly remarkable what a little natural light can do for a bathroom. Allowing more natural light into your bathroom isn’t an easy task by any means, though if you can replace curtains with blinds or remove the clutter from the window ledge you’ll be able to increase the amount of natural light that brightens your bathroom.

A well-positioned mirror that catches and reflects the natural light that enters your bathroom can do wonders, brightening it immensely, and in the case of small bathrooms, furthering the illusion of greater space than actually exists.

A ‘Solatube’, or a similar skylight device, is worth looking into if your bathroom doesn’t catch much sunlight. They can be expensive to install, but they make a world of difference.

Add a Freestanding Tub

Freestanding bathtubs, like classic claw-foot tubs, can add a touch of class to any bathroom. This look works best in traditional style bathrooms, though if your tastes lean more towards the modern than the traditional, a freestanding tub is still something to consider.

Freestanding furniture looks best in bathrooms where all the furniture is of the same style, so consider adding a freestanding sink and storage unit and other freestanding furniture to complement the bathtub.

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Add Pictures

Personalising your bathroom with a few framed pictures, paintings or photographs can add a touch of class to your bathroom.

If you’re going to add a few framed pictures, position them so that they’ll be seen from the bathtub.

Work with Your Floors

Replacing bathroom floors can incur major expenditure. If possible, work with your floor by painting the walls and replacing the bathroom furniture to complement the floors rather than ripping them up and replacing them.

This is a cost-effective way of revitalising a tired old bathroom, one that involves a minimal amount of labour.

Go for Glass

Replacing shower curtains with glass shower enclosures is actually a minor renovation project in most cases; however, it’s one that really can transform a bathroom from boring to brilliant.

Shower curtains present a visual barrier and make bathrooms look smaller than they actually are. Replacing shower curtains with a glass shower enclosure removes this barrier and furthers the illusion of space, so consider coupling this bathroom improvement with white or bright coloured walls in a small bathroom to make it appear more spacious than it actually is.

Clear glass is the best choice here as frosted or textured glass is just as much a visual barrier as a shower curtain. However, if privacy is an issue go with frosted glass.

Buy New Towels

It’s remarkable what the addition of new towels can do for a bathroom. For dark bathrooms white towels add a much needed plop of colour, and vice versa in light bathrooms, so consider something along the lines of burgundy or navy blue towels.

A well-positioned hand towel on a classy hook or hoop can do wonders for a boring, bland wall, as can repositioning the towel rack for bath towels.

Go with a Big Mirror

Big mirrors work wonders, doubling the impact of the light, natural or artificial, and making the bathroom appear much bigger and more spacious than it actually is, though keep the size of the mirror in line with the size of the sink and storage unit.

So there you have it. Turning your bathroom from boring to brilliant is much easier than it initially seems – it’s remarkable what a few minor improvements can do!

Thomas Smith writes for a company that provides renovation ideas for a new bathroom, wet room, or shower room. Soakology is one of the leading providers of sanitary equipment in the UK.