Use Google Voice to Get Disposable Phone Number to Hide Your Real Number Online

Google Voice is one of the many interesting service that Google offer. However, did you know that it offers some fairly unpopular, but extremely useful functions that can make your life easier? One of my personal favorites is the ability to gain a disposable phone number that can be used to hide your real mobile or home telephone number.

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In order to take advantage of this feature you’ll have to sign up for Google Voice. All you need to do this is to sign in with your Google account or register one if you are not using any of Google’s services and navigate to the homepage of Google Voice. There, you’ll be prompted to choose a new number. Calls to this new number can be forwarded to one of the real numbers you have added to your account.

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google voice disposable number

However, this is something that I don’t desperately need, so I use Google’s number for something else. You have probably come across websites that require a real telephone number in order to complete the registration process. This is where the number provided by Google comes in handy – you can use it to complete your registration without revealing your personal or office phone number.

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Most people I know don’t want to share such personal information on the Internet, especially if it is required by an untrustworthy website. Thanks to Google Voice, I can register in these websites without revealing any of my phone numbers. If you ever get called on your Google Voice number, you’ll just receive a notification via Gmail.

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Keep in mind that while the Google Voice number can be used on most websites, you should avoid using it on websites where you are going to purchase something. Many websites won’t allow you to use your credit card if the phone number attached to it is different from the phone number you registered with.