Useful Tech Apps for Engineers

The advent of technology has caused most engineers to develop a strong affinity towards mobile devices. When it comes to entertainment, people are using tablets and smart-phones as one-stop solution. The same goes when it comes to communication. Smart devices are of great help in performing tasks; much of your work can be easily accomplished with just a single swipe.

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More and more of tech and business apps are being introduced everyday as the smart devices are covering more of their niche market. Market demand for the android apps has increased during the past few years in comparison to iPhone apps. The Q1 of the year 2016 has witnessed a 50% surge in use of android apps as reported by the industry critics. The Google Play Store is likely to show you through more of these apps by the end of Q4.

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Engineers are now able to perform all tasks assigned to them even while they’re on the road. The Google Play and App store are offering a plethora of apps that will help save more time irrespective of the platform you’re using.

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Consider the following apps for performing tasks of repetitive nature in a simple manner:

Fluid Mechanics Converter

This calculator plays a crucial role in fluid mechanics by converting various unit of measurement. This app consists of flow rate converters for factors like volume and mass besides possessing viscosity converters for water and oil. It even has a kinetic viscosity converter and a dynamic viscosity converter.

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Certain property tables and formulae have been included for automotive, fluid mechanics, electrical, transfer of mass and heat, pipe flow, machine design and thermodynamics. It helps the conversions and units to be incorporated within a unit converter.

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Engineering Unit Converter

Engineers can pick the right category with the help of this unit converter. It helps them choose electric charge and length from among a list of categories. There are two spinning wheels that show the units available. All you need to do is to use the swap button or sort units and change the input value.

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Heat Transfer Calculator

Calculations involving transfer of heat are performed by this calculator. This calculator helps in obtaining the rate of transferring heat besides achieving a fair measure of the convection and conduction. It even helps in checking the English units of heat transfer achieved by converting the metric units.

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Mechanical Engineering 101

This app is all about explaining the Mechanical Engineering basics. Knowledge is conveyed in bites through flashcards and tutorials.

Autodesk Force-Effect Motion App

It enables an engineer to work on mobile devices and create mobile mechanism systems and that are fully functional. Throughout the phase of conceptualization, engineers can simulate designing options with this app. It helps them ascertain the viability of designs created by them.

Utilizing one or more of these apps can certainly help in shaping your engineering career. The future still holds the clue as to which of these apps will prove more successful in the long run.