UX and CX Designing – Why UX is Just Not Enough?

The rate at which this world is advancing is just immense. There is something new that ought to be learnt on any given day. There are technologies whose dynamics you have to understand every single moment. Take for instance UX designing. It is only yesterday that it started but then it has taken over the world and it continues to spread like a wild fire. It has brought with it other things like CX. It is funny that you do not know about UX and you are already hearing some other abbreviated terms like CX and they just do not make sense.

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Actually, they are pretty simple. UX stands for user experience while CX is customer experience. You will find people telling you that they are UX designers. How do you design the user experience of an individual visiting a website or working with your product? Well, Google itself has been all about user experiences for ages. UX designing is basically about creating designs that are going to heighten the user experience positively. With that said, let’s get down to the business of understanding the dynamics of these two.

Difference between UX and CX

You will be surprised to know that user experience and customer experience are two totally different things. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. They are not totally different from each other but they are quite unique when you take time to consider each at a time. Any confusion that might exist between these two disciplines will be clarified when you define users and customers. A customer can be a user, sometimes, but not always. The same is the case with a user. They can be customers but that is not always a guarantee.

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Let’s use an ecommerce website as an example. Think of any ecommerce site that you love shopping from or you have heard being advertised extensively. You are a user when you are browsing through the site and checking what’s hot and what’s not. Most websites have apps too. When you download the app, it will give you guidance on how to make your online shopping experience a fantastic one. The app gives you tips and tricks for getting discounts (maybe, we are just assuming here) and updates on the latest offers that are being given by the company. You are using this app and the website and your user experience is going to be informed by this.

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This is the part where you become a customer- when you visit the site and make a purchase or sign up for the site’s newsletter, you are a customer. The moment you are convinced to perform the action the site owners expect from you, then you are a customer. The customer experience can be totally different from the user experience- totally!

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The app is great at providing information and making the purchase tasks so much easier for you to do. You do not have to visit the website in order to make your purchases. Convenience is one of the most important aspects for internet-users. The fact that you do not have to struggle in order to do your shopping is great for user experience. However, once you place an order, what happens next? Does the seller give any communication as to when you are going to receive the product? If anything changes regarding the delivery date, do you get any notification? This is where customer experience, or if you like it abbreviated, CX, comes into the equation.

UX and CX Professionals

UX professionals work hard to make sure that the product is very easy to use and enjoyable. They simply want the users to be able to complete a desired goal or task and feel good about the experience. These products are not limited to websites only. They might be working on tools like apps and even non-digital products. They do not actually come into contact with the users (or customers for that matter). They employ a lot of predictive thinking in order to understand how to make UX great. The end goal is for the user to feel great about the experience they had.

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On the other hand, CX professionals are the ones responsible for the experience of the customers. Once the user converts into a customer, the CX team is going to make sure that everything from the moment of purchase to after the purchase is great. CX will include the UX as well and so you are right if you guessed that the experience of the customer from the moment they got to use the app or site is relevant. A popular example of CX professionals is the customer care agents of that cable company you love so much. They will help you figure out the right package for your cable, assist you in the payment process and if you have any queries that need, clarification they will assist you.

Bringing UX and CX Together

It is very easy to bring UX and CX together by the way. In as much as it sounds like rocket science, it is probably the simplest rocket science that you will ever do. The most important thing is streamlining the UX and CX. The individuals responsible for CX should understand the whole process of converting to a customer using whatever tools are available. If it is the app, the CX team needs to know everything about the app so as to streamline their service provision.

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How would it feel if you contacted customer care and they told you that they do not know what you are talking about? If it is an app, they know it inside out and even offer alternatives to make the experience better. Streamlining the UX and CX will make customer experience so much better.

Wrapping Up!

Take this home with you. CX and UX are very important. If they are not streamlined, they can mess each other up. You might have very good UX but poor CX. There is nothing to gain here. The same is the case if you have great CX but a horrible UX experience. It is a case of manicuring a hen’s nails- no benefit whatsoever.

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