6 Ways to Prepare Yard for Fall Get Togethers

Now that the weather has begun to cool down, you might want to invite friends or family to your home for fall get-togethers. To make sure you keep your guests happy and safe, complete these six simple tasks before you start sending out invitations.

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Create a Sitting Area


When guests visit your home, you don’t want them to stand around in the yard. Instead, create a comfortable seating area with several chairs, stools, or benches. Consider including an outdoor table so you can share a meal together or have a convenient place to set down a beverage. Add patio lighting to make the space even more cozy and inviting.

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If you live in a cold climate, consider adding a few pillows and throws. When guests get cold, they can bundle up against the chill instead of heading home early.

Remove Safety Hazards

Take a stroll around your yard to make sure stray toys, sharp branches, and other hazards don’t remain in your guests’ path. If you’ve spent the summer on home improvement projects, grab a pole and a magnet so you can pick up wayward screws, nails, and other sharp metal objects.

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Find a Heat Source

You don’t want the party to end when the sun goes down, so find a way to keep your guests warm well into the night. You could build a fire pit, for instance, where you can warm your hands and roast a few marshmallows. Alternatively, consider an outdoor-rated space heater.

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Invest in Outdoor Dinnerware

From plates and bowls to flatware and cups, load up on eating and drinking utensils. A smashed dish can ruin a perfect set, so don’t use your everyday items for an outdoor fall get-together. Instead, look for plastic alternatives that you can either wash and reuse or dump in the recycling bin after the party.

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You might also want an outdoor grill so you can serve burgers, chicken, and other outdoor delicacies. Consider repurposing an old table as your outdoor prep area so you don’t have to walk in and out of the house as you add spices and other ingredients to your meal.

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Spruce Up the Yard

Mow, weed, edge, and rake your yard before your fall get-together. Additionally, trim the shrubs and trees so they look well-maintained, and treat any brown patches, fungi, or other infestations. As summer transitions into fall, you don’t want to lose the lush, healthy lawn that you’ve cultivated over the last few months.

Create a Transitional Space

Furniture and decor can make your patio feel connected to your indoor rooms, so consider bringing some of your yard onto the patio. Pot a few flowers or succulents and layer them around the edges of the patio to add green touches. You could also hang baskets from the patio ceiling and fill them with vines or trailing flowers.

Fall get-togethers enable you to catch up with friends and family without fighting off mosquitoes or sweating through your shirt. Prepare your yard so you’re ready for the next chance to invite everyone over.