Wearing for Skeuomorphism; Websites You’d Want to Touch

They say skeuomorphism is a thing of the past, but how come there are still so many websites created with this design approach? Let’s pay some tributes to skeuomorphism with this great showcase.

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These days even children know about skeuomorphism, so there is no need to tell you what it is. But, for sure there is one thing we need to talk about, that’s nostalgia.

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Both web designers and web users a longing for skeuomorphism, if it wasn’t true there would be no such beautiful websites, as you can see below. For quite a long time web users were enjoying skeuomorphic websites: all those nice textures, bulgy buttons shadows, gradients and other bells and whistles. But those great days have passed and now even shadows became flat.

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Do you know the reason for that flattening? That process is called standardization. No one could predict or imagine that it will happen, but generally this is a necessary step in the evolution of the web.

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Since the dawn of an Internet its design was following the path of complexity, all techniques were becoming more complexed, technologies were getting more advanced. But the visual part was getting simpler and simpler. Colors were fading out, complexed geometric forms were omitted. Examples of such designs can be seen purely everywhere.

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Negative space became an integral part of any desing. Seems like in few years all websites will be something like this…

Looks quite boring isn’t it?

The main rule of standardization is: to keep only most important things. In other words designers agreed to sacrifice all those things, that someday made their sites look awesome, and make their designs extremely usable. That’s the whole point.

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So, let’s get back to our skeuomorphic designs. With certainty we can say that each of the examples below evokes the desire to touch it…

East African Bakery http://eastafricanbakery.com/

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Looking at this website one can feel the smell of spices of oriental African pastries. This design looks extremely realistic due to the use of hi-res photos and textures.

* * *

Empire Vintage http://www.empirevintage.com.au/

This is one of those cases when great amount of details does not clutter the design. To add the depth to this layout designer kept the perspective (look at the planking on the floor.)

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* * *

Immersive Garden http://www.immersive-garden.com/

This is a hell of a design, the small ball of light turns into an amazing surrealistic presentation. “WOW” fits as nothing else.

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* * *

Biola http://undergrad.biola.edu/

As you can see the effect of depth is used to the full. Confetti on the “floor” enhances this effect, as well as three colorful boxes. Actually the perspective is the strongest side of this website: see the sun, behind the dude’s back, the rays also indicate depth and perspective.

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As for the things that we can touch: those palms and some other tiny elements look way too volumetric.

* * *

Dana Tanamachi http://www.squarespace.com/stories/#dana-tanamachi

Squarespace is one of those website builders where you can start your project in no time. But how can a project dedicated to design attract more users? It has to look really outstanding. The home page of this site, as well as a number of other pages, make use of hi-res photos that give extra tactile possibilities to the whole site. Even though there is a number of small objects, the layout does not look cluttered at all. Every single item gives an outstanding look to the site. Click the arrows to see other ‘stories’.

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* * *

Sick Designer http://sickdesigner.com/

Skeuomorphism found its way into the website of web designer Radu. There you find some really awesome CSS magic. Actually, this site is an award winning website according to csswinner.com Apart from those realistic textures and other things like drag-and-drop functionality in the work section.

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* * *

Good Twin http://goodtwin.co/

In terms of design and aesthetics this website looks quite appealing. The ship moving along the monorail resembles some toy that is really cool.

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* * *

Ecoki http://ecoki.com/iphone/

Who knew that iPhone app could have such an awesome website. If not that App Store button and an iPhone, for some reason the 3G, a regular user would think that it’s a some sort of a green tea ad. Every single design element looks 100 percent realistic, as if we’re sitting on the balcony of some bungalow, built high in the mountains.

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* * *

Findus http://findus.no/favorittwok/en/

Drag-and-drop is a cool thing especially when you can play with some items on the website. At Findus you can fill in the wok with vegetables you like, that action is couples with a sound of sizzling oil.

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* * *

Realclear http://realclear.com.tw/

Skeuomorphism is a shtick of this website; with all those bells and whistles it looks highly impressive. This website is a one-page design, each section is given the look of a room that is pretty awesome; also some of the items in those rooms are clickable and they give you more info about this or that thing.

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* * *

Cup cup http://www.wearecupcup.com/

Cup cup is a website of a pastry shop. As you can see the home page is created to look like a shop window with some products displayed. These cupcakes look extremely realistic due to use of hi-res photos. Looks yummy, isn’t it?

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* * *

The Head of the State http://theheadsofstate.com/

People enjoy stuff they can touch, so when choosing among flat and skeuomorphic the first one loses instantly, have a look at this website. All those things cause a desire to touch every single item on those pages.

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* * *

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery http://mahzedahrbakery.com/

The most important thing of any bakery is an adequate presentation of their pastries. The MAH-ZE-DAHR can boast with all those things that we like to touch: beautifully arranged dishes, pastries, various food. Everything is so appetizing and is ready to eaten.

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* * *

Eduardo Delfraile http://www.eduardodelfraile.com/

Image a long table with dozens of items carefully arranged fore and aft. This is how this website looks. When hovering each of those items, it alters a bit, thus giving some motion to the overall design.

* * *

East Works Leather http://www.eastworksleather.com/

What makes any layout outstanding is a use of hi-res images of products or other skeuomorphic elements.

* * *

That’s it guys, if you have seen some other great examples of latest skeuomorphic websites, you can add them in the comments below. Stay tuned.

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