10 Web Design Secrets You Never Knew

The First impression is the best impression but there are times that raise doubt over its veracity. In the case of websites, it takes more than just a beautiful crafted one to capture the user. Customers not only care about how the website looks in the first place but also think that is it even worth a try.

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Through websites, you take the engagement level to a new height and engage with customers in a much better way. It is easier to create websites these days that can make your dreams come true. But, not everybody knows the tricks and trade of website development. A single wrong step and you have to go through the pain of starting from the scratch.

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You can make website filled with stupendous functionality and brilliant features but the question is how? To save you from the dilemma, we, present to you 10 web design secrets that can make your website stand apart from others.

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  1. Looks Don’t Matter

No matter how beautifully crafted your website is, the moment users find any difficulty while navigating through it, they would leave. It’s important to have a nice website to creating a positive visual image on user’s mind but it is also equally important to provide them with reasons to staying on your site.

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The catch is, looks doesn’t bring in sales it’s just the first step in grabbing the eyeballs and with the A1 functionality and features of the site, you can engage with users for a longer period of time. Make your website enchanting enough so that it prompts users to hit the read more button and rest will fall into the place. Just remember that design attracts customers but it is the features that bind them.

  1. Websites Cost You a Fortune

There is a misconception that one needs to spend his/her life’s saving just to have a good and responsive website but that is not true. You don’t need to spend your entire savings just to have a good web design. You can easily pull that off without burning a hole in your pocket.

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  1. Customize Your Site Around the User’s Goals

The primary function of a website is to impart something that users seek. As long as the website is capable of delivering what users need or as long as it solves their problems, they’d always come back irrespective of how the website looks. Your main target is the user; therefore, it is important to design according to the user goals. You should also customize your color combination to match your site’s vibe so that users can feel the positive vibes.

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For instance, the moment we talk about Facebook what comes to our mind is the blue color structure and its logo. Once you are able to play with the color combination, you can create an entirely new atmosphere and will be in a better position to getting through your message in visual rather than textual methods. Adjust the site colors to match its purpose and functionality.

  1. Focus On the Site Layout

There are various steps to presenting your site to the users. For example, you can go with splitting up your site into full-width horizontal rectangular blocks, flat designs, semi-flat design, heading styles, gifs, column feature, Duotone gradient imagery etc. that can make your site more presentable. Before structuring the site’s layout, think of what you actually want to convey through it. Determine what is the purpose of your site is and then build your site. Different methodologies provide different browsing experience and prompt users to navigate through the site.

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  1. Uniqueness and Creativity

Web designs elements such as creative web designs, professional logo designs, social media page integration and a host of other such designs are essential for the effective branding of businesses and presenting yourself in a better way.

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In fact, experts and industry insiders believe that a business goes nowhere without great designs, therefore, keep your fingers on the pulse of these web design tricks that help you in standing apart from the crowd.

  1. Use Professional Photos

Pictures paint a thousand words; we cannot deny the importance of images, pictures in professional web designing. Pictures are more capable of attracting user’s attention and get your message without wasting much time. Just a glance and voila. But that doesn’t mean that you have to hire a professional photographer or compromise with the picture quality. There are hundreds of stock edited images available online, just contact anyone of them and save yourself from straining your budget.

  1. Be Creative

Creativity always attracts more customers and is relevant more than ever. There are thousands of websites available on the internet and specifically, most of them serve the same purpose, then how can one differentiate between them? Isn’t it hard for users in choosing a more reliable option? That’s when creativity comes into the picture. Your ability to transcend those simple design elements into something that brings joy to their eyes something that is unique and never seen before. Creativity influences the purchase decision by prompting the user to go with the services products and increases the likelihood of possible purchase and accuracy in communicating with the audience in a much better way. This dynamic can really excite the communication or any other execution step.

  1. Keeping It Straight

This is most difficult part of web designing i.e. keeping things simple yet powerful. Balancing the alignment and symmetry is not everyone’s cup of tea and give web designers a major headache when it comes to the equilibrium. However, it’s not an assiduous task anymore as you can position and adjust multiple items without any external support. You can keep the site simple yet enriching.

  1. Incorporate Video Backgrounds

Everybody loves to watch videos, isn’t it? You can impress the potential customers by incorporating video backgrounds in your website. They can easily convey your message and depict what the site is all about in a fraction of second and can immediately create a positive image on user’s mind generating an unmatched impression without any botch.

  1. Redesigning and Resizing

The simpler your site will be more customers will stop by. Whatever the purpose of your site may be, simplifying things should be of paramount importance. You can have thousands of features and functionality on your site but if it’s difficult for users to accessing them, then they’d refrain from using your site. The moment they face any complexity, without any second thought, they’d look for alternatives and switch to a better option. Control and minimize the size of multiple elements that require uniformity like buttons, icons, logo, thumbnails and much more. This method not only saves your time but also increases the speed of the site.

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