What is New in Windows Blue? Let’s See!

If you follow the latest technology news, then you have probably heard some rumors regarding Microsoft’s next operating system. According to these rumors, the OS will go by the name “Windows Blue” and will feature some pretty interesting thing that will certainly surprise many users.

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Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the news yet, bunt we already saw something that may prove that Windows Blue is being developed. The thing I’m talking about is a leaked installer which goes by the name “Windows Blue Build 9364”. According to the person who leaked this installer, it comes from a Microsoft partner and is indisputable proof that the next Windows version is being developed.

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windows blue

So what can we expected from Windows Blue? Most people expect it to be similar to Windows8, so we probably won’t see an innovative interface or anything like this. Basically, Windows Blue will slightly enhance the functionality of Windows 8 and maybe add several new features. So what do we know about Windows Blue judging by the leaked content and unofficial information?

1- Enhanced Touch Support

The touch features of Windows 8 are pretty good, but there is still some room for improvement and according to leaked videos, this is exactly what we should expect from Windows Blue. According to experts, Windows Blue will introduce a new swipe-up gesture that can be used to quickly access applications in the classical or new desktop interfaces.

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2- Improved Snapping Options

“Snapping” was introduced as a term by Microsoft. Basically, it allows the user to display more than one running application on the screen. This feature was first available in Windows 8, but in Windows Blue it will be enhanced and we’ll get access to more customizable options.

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3- Improved Start Screen Tiles

The start screen tiles in Windows 8 have few customization options, but this will change in Windows Blue. Users will have access to a wide range of options and they’ll be able to quickly change the size of the tiles.

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4- New Built-in Applications

According to the leaked screenshots of the supposedly new Microsoft operating system, we’ll see some interesting new applications along the ones we saw in Windows 8. A good example for such applications is the Alarm, and the Sound Recorder.

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5- Improved Charm Bar

The Windows 8 Charm bar didn’t meet the expectations of most people, but the one implemented in Windows Blue will change this. The Windows Blue Charm bar will offer a wide range of options, and you’ll be able to quickly customize every aspect of the start screen.

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6- Internet Explorer 11

The new version of Internet Explorer will feature many security improvements and enhanced performance. One of the newest features in this version of IE will be tab syncing.

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7- SkyDrive Syncing

Microsoft’s cloud storage service is already used by Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, but surprisingly, the SkyDrive application for Windows 8 doesn’t have the more advanced syncing features that are available to Windows 7 users. The SkyDrive app featured in Windows Blue will certainly resolve this issue and offer its users the functions they need.