20+ Designs for Container Homes: See What Makes Them So Popular?

Cargotechture is a recent architecture trend spreading across the globe fast, and the reasons for its fast-growing popularity are manifold. From eco-friendliness, portability and affordability to versatility of use, wide availability and simplicity of structural assembly, cargo containers may yet be the future of the construction industry – and here we have a short list of some cargotechture benefits along with 20+ amazing designs for container homes that make them perhaps the best investment option for would-be home owners looking to make most of their limited budgets.

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Modular Nature: Building in Lego-like Fashion

Shipping containers are prefabricated intermodal steel units that can be easily stacked together to create larger buildings with separate rooms connected by an internal or external staircase. This makes them infinitely flexible and expandable in structural terms, since new units can be added without extensive modifications of the existing makeup.

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Eco-friendly is Always In: Green Aspect of Cargo Containers

By using shipping containers to make a home or office, you’re joining the eco-conscious bandwagon. Upcycling cargo containers into habitable space helps reduce waste footprint and the processing required for the transformation is minimal, which means that repurposing existing steel units for new uses is greener than building a new structure from scratch.

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Wide Availability: Shipping Containers Everywhere You Look

Due to constant production, shipping containers are usually used in cargo transport for a limited time, after which they are left vacant at outdoor storage sites, ports and other places used to discard unnecessary shipping materials. This makes the process of obtaining a couple of the steel units much easier than before, as you can now find empty shipping containers in most  commercial harbors and storage spaces.

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Budget-friendly Habitable Space: Minimal Housing Investments

Thanks to the growing number of deserted cargo containers worldwide and the low prices of their upcycling into habitable units, shipping containers offer perhaps the most cost-effective building material currently available on the market. In addition to that, most shipping containers can be equipped with internal insulation to maximize use of energy and cut electricity bills in the long run – and if you want to go even greener, you can adorn the unit with solar panels and water tanks to collect rainfall and process it for internal use.

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Human Habitat to Go: Portability in a Can

On top of their low prices, eco-friendly properties and simplicity of assembly, cargo containers are extremely portable, which means that you can plant your home or office anywhere you want. That’s why habitable units made from shipping containers are used as portable sales venues and mobile camps in a number of industries like mining, construction, military and oil exploitation.

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Resistance to the Max: Weather & Vermin-Proof

Since most shipping containers are built using stainless steel and similar sturdy materials, your piece of cargotechture is guaranteed to withstand a good bit of tough love like unfavorable weather conditions, vermin invasions and corrosion. This means that investing in a cargo unit will save you quite a pretty penny in the long run as you won’t need extensive repairs or replacement with adequate maintenance – what you see is literally what you get, a strong, infinitely transformable box to deck with furnishing of your preference.

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Premium Versatility: Any Facility You Want

With their durable construction and flexibility of use, cargo units can be outfitted with almost any purpose-specific furnishings and used as either commercial or private housing space. For excellent business-oriented ideas on how to make commercial use of your shipping container, check out this example at Royal Wolf’s blog – or browse through various cargotechture interior designs available online to get a hint of what your home décor may look like after a minimal overhaul.

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Convinced yet? It’s no wonder cargo containers are taking over contemporary construction industry by a breeze: they’re affordable, portable, versatile, durable and easy to assemble into large habitable or commercial space – what more could future home- and office-owners ask for in a structural unit?