World’s Most Expensive Bathroom Designs

For many of us, our bathrooms are fairly simple rooms. They all have a toilet and a sink, some have baths, others have showers. Almost all have mirrors, and some have bidets. But does your bathroom have a solid gold sink? When some people have their bathroom redecorated they like to choose a new colour of paint, but others decide it’s time to remove the walls completely, replacing them with shark tanks.

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Previously we have been talking about design tips for bathroom awkward spaces, interior design ideas for office bathrooms and top 10 things to consider for bathroom design etc but today we are here with something interesting in this regard.

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Want to see how far some people can take the humble bathroom? Along with following bathroom renovation tips you need to check out the world’s most expensive bathroom designs ever if you really want to update your bathroom design!

The Golden Bathroom, Hong Kong

Predictably, the world’s most expensive bathroom is made entirely of gold. Everything from the floor to the toilet brush is made of solid 24 carat gold. The owner – Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr Lam Sai-wing –  stopped at covering the ceiling with gold; instead opting to decorate it with amber, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

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Underwater Bathroom, Dubai

This bathroom in Dubai is known as the “Poseidon Suite”. Set in a luxury resort, this underwater bathroom allows you to view thousands of exotic marine animals and fish swimming past as you enjoy a nice, relaxing bath.

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Big Poppa’s Bathroom, USA

One of Atlanta’s richest residents is Lee Najjar (otherwise known as Big Poppa). Big Poppa’s $19 million home features a staggering 11 bathrooms, each containing everything from greek-style columns and gold covered bathroom suites. The film “Zombieland” was also shot in the house. Also check out 60+ bathroom design ideas to have variety and style both at the same time.

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Cinderella Castle Suite, Disney World

A bathroom built for a prince or princess, the Royal Bathroom is located in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney World. Built specifically for Walt Disney and his family, this expensive bathroom features a Jacuzzi with a waterfall tap, and copper leaf sinks.

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The Freddie Mercury Suite, Eden Rock

For some, luxury comes in the form of having a team of staff on hand to answer your every beck and call. That’s just as well, because the Freddie Mercury Suite includes a team of butlers who are there to help you. The 16,000 sqft suite also includes over 40 whiskeys, hand-cut white gold tiles and a private recording studio downstairs.

So now after going through this brief collection of the most expensive bathroom designs, you can have various ideas and tips to decorate your bathroom in a way you actually want it.

If you feel that these bathrooms may be a little out of your price bracket you should visit for the latest designer taps, showers and modern bathroom collections.